Your team deals with multiple cases a day. Give them the upper hand with every task by investing in the case management software available with PracticeEvolve. Efficient case management lies at the heart of every successful law firm. PracticeEvolve presents cutting-edge case management software tailored for law firms nationwide.

Our sophisticated case management software for law firms can help your practice streamline operations, enhance collaboration and elevate productivity, offering a transformative approach to managing caseloads with unparalleled ease. Learn more about the PracticeEvolve case management software today.

Sophisticated case management software, delivering efficiencies to law firms.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms

Centralised Case Information

Unlock the convenience of accessing all case-related information in a centralised location. From emails and documents to dates and contacts, effortlessly retrieve crucial details and collaborate seamlessly with your team, regardless of location. Optimise overall workflow efficiency with task assignment, automated document generation, and progress tracking capabilities.

Email Management

PracticeEvolve simplifies email management by integrating it seamlessly within your matter workflow. Save and tag every email directly to the relevant case, eliminating the hassle of manual filing or scattered locations. Access and search emails effortlessly within the digital file, ensuring easy retrieval of crucial information.

Seamless Collaboration

PracticeEvolve fosters seamless collaboration by enabling multiple users to work on the same case without the need for forwarding or cc’ing documents and emails. With PracticeEvolve, everyone can effortlessly pick up where others left off, promoting efficient teamwork and ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Mobile App Accessibility

Experience the freedom of accessing case information anytime and anywhere through PracticeEvolve’s mobile app designed for lawyers. Stay connected and have client documents readily available, even without an internet connection. With PracticeEvolve’s mobile app, you can increase productivity while on the move, ensuring seamless access to essential information whenever you need it.

Electronic Signature Capability

PracticeEvolve provides powerful electronic signature functionality through InfoTrack integration to expedite case progression for law firms. Clients can securely sign essential documents, such as engagement letters and authorisations, from any internet-connected device. Embracing electronic signatures with PracticeEvolve enhances your workflows, saves time, and delivers a seamless and efficient experience for clients.

Customisation for Practice Areas

PracticeEvolve is built to cater to your specific practice area. It offers pre-built matter types and thousands of automated precedents. From family law to conveyancing and more, automate your practice and save time on document creation.

“The convenience of having everything consolidated on the matter card is a game-changer. Going paperless during Covid made us realise the inefficiencies of managing both physical and electronic files. With PracticeEvolve, it is a one-stop shop where we can see everything related to a matter. It is a significant improvement for our firm.”

Progress cases faster.

Regardless of size or area of expertise, law firms grapple with a range of challenges — from handling vast volumes of case-related information to ensuring seamless collaboration among team members. Enter PracticeEvolve, your key to unlocking a new era of efficiency, productivity and success across various law sectors.
PracticeEvolve’s case management software solution empowers law firms to stay organised, productive and informed by consolidating all case-related information in one centralised location. With advanced features such as email management, document automation, and law firm task reminders, PracticeEvolve ensures that your team can easily access the information they need, when they need it.

No longer will your firm be bogged down by scattered documents or fragmented data. With PracticeEvolve, experience the ease of accessing, organising and managing crucial information from a singular, secure platform. We’ll help your firm improve productivity by eliminating the time-consuming search for essential case details.

Boost efficiency, collaboration, and profitability with PracticeEvolve.

Don’t just do right your clients, do better

Any firm understands the importance of providing exceptional client service. PracticeEvolve’s case management app ensures firms hit the mark every time. Connect client communications directly to case files, ensuring nothing gets lost. Stay in the loop with real-time updates, threaded conversations and enhanced visibility into client interactions.

PracticeEvolve fosters collaborative efficiency with tools that empower your team to work together as a united front to provide a new level of care to your most important clients. From shared calendars to task assignments, our case management software absolves bottlenecks, enhancing collaboration on case-related tasks and projects.

With PracticeEvolve, you can embrace a work environment where every team member is on the same page, contributing to the collective success of your firm.

Make working with adaptable technology your new norm

In the continuously growing digital era, adaptability is key. PracticeEvolve’s case management software for law firms ensures your law firm stays ahead of the curve with features like electronic signature capability. Our cloud-based solution will help you expedite document processing, reduce paperwork and enhance the overall security of your legal transactions.

Take your interconnectivity one step further and access important information on the go with our case management software app. Our solution gives you instant access to documents, calendar information and more without an internet connection.

Our software is designed to grow with your firm. We’ll ensure our case management software not only meets your current needs but propels your firm into the future, ensuring you remain competitive and efficient.

Fuse precision and efficiency with the PracticeEvolve case management software

Choose PracticeEvolve as your transformative force within your organisation with our case management software. Weaving together efficiency, collaboration and innovation, our software gives your operations an upgrade and enables you to become a leader within your sector.

For several years, we’ve been the sole provider of sophisticated legal software for firms. We understand that each law firm is unique, and our software is designed with this in mind. Our commitment to providing a centralised hub with cutting-edge technology for valuable case information is a testament to our deep understanding of the unique challenges law firms face today.

As our journey as leaders in legal practice software continues, we invite your firm to come on board. Speak to a member of our team today to schedule a demo of our case management software for law firms. We also invite you to explore our other legal software by browsing our downloadable brochures.