8 Legal & Tech Experts Share Tips for Selecting & Implementing New Technology

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on work practices across every industry, and law is no exception. The pandemic has turbocharged technology adoption across the sector, as law firms and corporate legal departments shift to enabling flexible remote working and exploring virtual ways of delivering services. The changes brought on by the pandemic present opportunities for law firms to optimise [...]

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A Future of Opportunities

The events of 2020 have significantly changed the behaviours of consumers and law firms. In reality these behaviours have been visibly shifting for many years. The pandemic has simply accelerated behaviours with developments we would expect to happen over a decade, instead taking just weeks. Importantly, this is resulting in a changing mindset amongst law firms who are now demanding [...]

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Free Virtual Roundtable: Ask The Expert Legal IT Consultant Panel

As the world continues to change rapidly, IT projects within firms will be a high priority throughout 2021. In fact, following the COVID-19 outbreak, in June 2020, PracticeEvolve ran an Australia-wide survey to explore predictions for the industry for 2021. Respondents reported that the impact of COVID-19 will see firms innovative and adopt new forms of technology (71%), remote working [...]

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Avoid These 5 Common Software Selection Mistakes

Choosing the right legal technology for your law firm is critical to its success. Legal tech partners can aid firms in embracing the fast pace of change in technology and meeting business goals. However, certain common mistakes arise when firms are seeking out and then managing relationships with those third-party vendors that should be avoided. Being aware of the following [...]

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Six Step Software Vendor Assessment & Selection Guide

There are numerous legal Practice Management Software (PMS) providers currently on the market. But how do you choose a solution that will address your specific needs and serve you in a way that will support your firm’s growth? There are steps you can take to assess your needs, evaluate software, and vet potential vendors to help ease common pain [...]

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Law Firm Software Selection Due Diligence Checklist

There are certain pieces of information that all firms should consider gathering while conducting software and vendor due diligence. We have compiled this easy-to-follow four-stage selection checklist that will help you determine your business needs, evaluate and compare solutions, validate your technical requirements, and negotiate a great contract. This checklist covers the four stages [...]

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