The Ultimate in Practice Management Software

PracticeEvolve is in use by global enterprises with several hundred users; with deployments regularly storing repositories of documents numbering in the hundreds of thousands to millions. It can be readily extended to adapt to changing requirements, and can be deployed quickly. Interested in a FREE, no obligation demonstration? PracticeEvolve is developed in accordance with the Law Society accounting guidelines.

Work Better

View all client and case information

Reduce the risk of misplacing files

Accelerate delivery of documents to clients

Improve quality of service to clients

Access your client file anytime, anywhere

Work Smarter

Reduce wasteful tasks & boost productivity

Increase profitability of common tasks

Have up-to-date status on all matters

Maintain a complete document version

Maintain a complete activity history-automatically


Unify procedures and processes

Lower your dependency on the paper file

Eliminate duplicate data entry

Manage risk

Staff find what they need when they need it