Smart Software with a Service for Legal Firms

Smart software with with a service for legal firms

Welcome to PracticeEvolve, your trusted partner in legal practice management software. Our comprehensive cloud-based platform combines matter management, document handling, and legal accounts oversight into a single solution that’s purpose-built for law firms.

With our smart software and top-notch service, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your legal practice.

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Brilliantly Easy to Use

PracticeEvolve is brilliantly easy to use, offering a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to navigate quickly and effectively. Our solution is designed to streamline your daily tasks, saving you valuable time and effort. Experience a practice management solution that works seamlessly for you.

Leverage PracticeEvolve’s Integrated Solutions

Case Management

Experience smarter case management technology that ensures operational efficiencies for your firm. Our feature-rich solution simplifies legal and administrative work, helping you manage your cases with ease.

Document Management

Streamline legal document handling with PracticeEvolve’s advanced features. From automation to seamless collaboration, our software efficiently simplifies document lifecycle management.

Legal Accounts Management

Our legal accounts solution is built with intuitive compliance tools that go beyond core accounting requirements. Stay on top of your firm’s financial management with ease and confidence.

Next-gen Cloud Technology

Access PracticeEvolve securely from anywhere, thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure. Embrace the freedom of working remotely while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with robust security measures.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Discover how Enyo Lawyers, a growing boutique law firm, overcame implementation fears and found remarkable success with PracticeEvolve.

Discover how Leanne Warren & Associates, a renowned criminal defence firm, transformed their staff satisfaction and efficiency with EvolveGo's connected software.

Discover how the implementation of EvolveGo transformed Galbally Parker Lawyers' operations, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency across the board.

Software with a Service

Software with a Service

As a law firm, you’ll require Cloud solutions with integrated capabilities that prioritise the client experience. Our approach goes beyond merely offering software; we provide a comprehensive level of service tailored to align perfectly with your firm’s specific needs and objectives.

Empowering Law Firms with Cutting-Edge Solutions


Our Cloud solution grants you the freedom to work securely from any location, at any time. With PracticeEvolve, you can reduce your total cost of ownership while gaining unparalleled flexibility. Embrace the benefits of the Cloud and unlock new possibilities for your law firm.


Our Client Success Programme, alongside EvolveCommunity, is dedicated to educating users and empowering them to maximise the full potential of our software. Gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise to optimise your workflows and achieve peak performance.


Our solution easily integrates with third-party software, delivering enhanced productivity and efficiency across all roles within your law firm. Experience the seamless flow of information across all your essential tools, eliminating silos and streamlining your workflows.

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Offering a fully integrated system that comes with all of your fundamental integrations already embedded in the software.

PracticeEvolve FAQs

What is case management software?2023-03-27T17:08:07+01:00

Case management software is a computer program that helps lawyers and other legal professionals to manage their cases. This type of legal software can be used to store and organise case documents, track deadlines, and communicate with clients. Some case management systems also include features such as time tracking, billing, and document assembly.

What is the main use of a case management system in a law firm?2023-08-17T05:35:48+01:00

Case management software is an essential tool for law firms of all sizes. A case management system helps firms keep track of cases and improves communication with clients. A comprehensive case management system such as ours, offers additional features and functionality such as tracking deadlines, managing case filings, and enabling collaboration between lawyers.

What are some advantages of using a case management system in a law firm?2023-03-27T17:08:29+01:00

There are multiple advantages of using a case management system in a law firm. Some of these vital benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency — Case management software enables law firms to take advantage of evolving opportunities and work practices by supporting legal professionals to provide better services to clients by reducing the time involved in case-related documentation.
  • Streamlined workflow — A key benefit of adopting case management software is to manage expectations and smooth workflow between team members and clients.
  • Team collaboration — Case management software offers an open platform to support lawyers in collaborating remotely with other members of the team and clients.

Increased cash flow — The software automates operational processes such as accounts, billings, and authorisation, and increases profitability by reading administration bottlenecks.

What is a matter management solution?2023-03-27T17:08:45+01:00

Matter management solutions are a class of legal technology that helps law firms manage cases and operational matters. These software platforms provide a centralised location for storing case documents and data, tracking deadlines, diarising, and communicating with clients and other team members.

How does case management software help in CRM?2023-03-27T17:08:59+01:00

Case management systems in law firms streamline the coordination and management of customer response management (CRM) services. A case management software empowers legal firms with multi-faceted automation of CRM processes such as client data storage, real-time customer responses and client interaction history records.

Which is the best case management system for law firms in the UK?2023-03-27T17:09:10+01:00

PracticeEvolve is a globally reputed legal technology provider servicing law firms worldwide. Founded in 2003, we are dedicated to innovating legal software for automation, customisation, efficiency, and usability. As your legal technology partner, we are committed to enhancing your day-to-day operations and streamlining processes so you can focus on what matters the most — your clients. If you have any questions or want to book a case management software demo and learn more, get in touch with our support team today.

Should a case management system manage legal accounts?2023-08-17T05:40:13+01:00

Not all case management software will manage legal accounting requirements, and these features are often accessed via integrations to other providers, e.g. Xero. PracticeEvolve however, comes with inbuilt legal accounting solutions, meaning your key software requirements for case/ matter, document management, and legal accounts, are provided in one single solution.

What service is provided alongside case management software?2023-03-27T17:09:35+01:00

Service is often provided in the form of a support agreement, at PracticeEvolve however, we offer added value services as well as software, which ensure users maximise the full potential of our feature-rich system. Access to EvolveLearning means users are able to understand all facets of the software, with our Client Success Consultants there to help plan a long term evolution into how the software is implemented within your firm. Improving overall efficiency.