Automate your legal document assembly and management.

Streamline your document creation process and enhance productivity with PracticeEvolve’s comprehensive document assembly and management software. Our powerful platform offers a wide range of benefits tailored to the unique needs of law firms, revolutionising the way you handle legal documents. From automated forms and precedents to seamless integration with Microsoft Word and PDF, PracticeEvolve is the ultimate solution for efficient and error-free document generation.

Automate your legal document assembly and management with PracticeEvolve.

Automated Forms and Precedents

Produce consistent, high-quality work with over 4,750 automated forms and precedents at your fingertips. Say goodbye to manual data entry and the risk of errors. Our intelligent software eliminates the need for repetitive document creation, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Easy Email Management

Simplify email organisation and enhance client communication with PracticeEvolve’s integrated email management system. Seamlessly collaborate with your staff, organise emails for easy accessibility, and prevent the loss or misplacement of crucial correspondence. Every matter-related email is filed correctly and saved centrally, ensuring effortless retrieval and comprehensive client communication.

Customisation and Up-to-Date Content

Tailor the document creation process to your specific needs. PracticeEvolve allows you to customise and add your own precedents, ensuring flexibility and adaptability across your firm. Stay up to date with the latest legal forms and content, and experience peace of mind knowing that our expert automation specialists are dedicated to continuously updating our library. PracticeEvolve ensures that you have access to the most current and accurate legal forms, keeping you ahead of the curve and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Microsoft Word and PDF Integration

Experience accurate form generation in a matter of seconds. With PracticeEvolve’s integration with Microsoft Word and PDF automation, your documents are automatically populated with matter information, letting you enjoy efficient, error-free drafting. Additionally, our automatic time recording feature tracks the time spent on document assembly, providing valuable insights into productivity and efficiency gains.

“As a firm, we believe in building long term strong and strategic relationships with our suppliers and working in partnership with them to our mutual benefit. PracticeEvolve share the same values as us and we are very much looking forward to developing our relationship with them, which we are sure will be a long, successful and happy one.”

Software with a Service

Software with a Service

As a law firm, you’ll require Cloud solutions with integrated capabilities that prioritise the client experience. Our approach goes beyond merely offering software; we provide a comprehensive level of service tailored to align perfectly with your firm’s specific needs and objectives.