Recently, David Woolstencroft, Co-Owner and Editor, of Legal Practice Intelligence, caught up with David Boland, the Global CEO of PracticeEvolve Group to discuss the legal industry, PracticeEvolve, and how we align our software to meet the client’s ongoing business needs and our cultures to ensure that the practice management system is effective.

In this exclusive, 30-minute interview David shared how PracticeEvolve focuses on enhancing the benefits of their software, considering the implementation of their solution, staff turnover, challenges for the HR department, the accessibility of training services and innovative hybrid solutions.

Additionally, David explained how law firms define their business process through the usage of PracticeEvolve and in turn highlighted how this can complement the law firm’s culture with opportunities for mergers and acquisition, succession planning and better support of teams, clients, and personnel.

David acknowledged why the acquisition by ATI Global was so important and outlined the growth of client numbers to 1,200 firms and with over 27,000 users. Interestingly, the aforementioned was part of the reasoning to improve the client engagement model by the introduction of ‘client success managers’ to drive client satisfaction and efficiency.

David also discussed what the future looks like in the legal industry. What are some opportunities for mid-tier firms? And what are the best performing firms doing differently? David further provided some productivity hacks, as an entrepreneur.

Watch the full video to learn about how PracticeEvolve became so successful and what the future looks like for the legal industry moving forward.