Would you do it all over again? Run a law firm? Recent reports indicate a significant decline in the desire among younger lawyers to aspire to Equity Partner status. This trend poses serious challenges for access to justice and the ability to support local communities by providing jobs. Given these shifts, it’s crucial to understand what has changed and how we can build the sustainable law firm of tomorrow.

In this session, aimed at Partners and aspiring owners of law firms, we will explore several key topics to help navigate this evolving landscape:

  • What Do Tomorrow’s Partners Want?: Understanding the values and expectations of the next generation of law firm leaders.
  • The Impact of Technology: Examining how technological advancements will shape the role of lawyers in the future.
  • Managing Administrative and Compliance Burdens: Strategies to efficiently handle the increasing administrative and regulatory demands.
  • Future Business Models: Identifying the business models that will drive success for law firms in the coming years.

Join Amy Bell, Solicitor and founder of Teal Compliance, as we examine the changes your firm may need to make to attract and retain the best talent. This session will provide valuable insights into creating a forward-thinking, resilient law firm ready to thrive in the future.

When: Aug 21, 2024 | 10:00 AM BST
Presented by: Amy Bell – Teal Compliance

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