The accounting requirements used to understand the financials of a law firm are unique and inadequate legal accounting practices can lead to excessive amounts of time spent on accounting tasks, as well as the potential for increased billing errors.

Download this whitepaper for an overview of the accounting requirements used to understand the financials of a law firm and learn how PracticeEvolve’s comprehensive accounting functionality can help automate and streamline processes and perform complex accounting transactions.

What’s inside:

  • Practice Management Software with built-in accounting functionality: Simplify complex accounting tasks using integrated case management and accounting system.
  • Automation and streamlining of accounting processes: Boost efficiency, profitability, and client satisfaction.
  • Customisable and dynamic reporting: Eliminate the administrative burden of collecting, processing, and interpreting critical data.
  • Ease of billing: Expedite the invoicing process and save time for fee earning staff who need to focus on billable time.

About PracticeEvolve’s Accounting Functionality

Combining document management and accounting software, PracticeEvolve offers a holistic legal practice management solution to mid-tier law firms internationally. By removing the frustration of not having key information available on-demand through self-customised, dynamic reporting, we empower our users to manage an efficient and profitable legal practice across all business facets.

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