Innovation is no longer a buzzword in the legal industry. Over recent years, technology has been the catalyst for legal service delivery transformation, replacing labour intensive tasks with automation and value maximising of resources. Considering the speed of technological innovation, and its role in increasing the expectations of today’s modern customer, it is safe to say that automated service delivery is here to stay.

Shifts in traditional legal service delivery models

While the need for high-quality legal advice is undiminished, many of the manual services provided by law firms are quickly becoming extinct to allow for more customer-centric service delivery models.

To keep up with the pace of legal technology innovation and its impact on the industry, law firms should be adopting delivery models that are agile, aligned with the customers they serve, strategically leverage data, fuse technology with human resources to enhance performance, and generate profit from performance and customer satisfaction, not hours billed.

Role of legal technology innovation in forming forward-thinking law firms

Undeniably, technology is one of the foundational elements of customer-centric service delivery models. In order to capitalise on the opportunities emergent in this digital age and ensure that growth and revenue goals are all achieved, law firms must adopt a forward-thinking mindset that acknowledges technology as part of their service offerings.

However, to be effective, legal technology must be conceived, developed and applied with the end user in mind. More specifically, it must help solve the challenges faced by law firms to warrant the capital investment. This means the technology needs to be user-friendly, compatible with existing applications and business processes, and scalable. At PracticeEvolve, our primary goal is, and has always been, to build legal practice management software that puts the lawyer at the forefront of its functionality. By combining document management and accounting software, we provide a holistic practice management solution that boasts tailored functionality to help support and streamline the unique business processes of each law firm. As a result, lawyers can meet the client’s needs while running an efficient, profitable firm.

In the context of digital transformation and its effect on the legal industry, we aim to provide our clients with the tools necessary to drive innovation, improve internal processes and develop client-centric offerings.

If you’re interested in specifically discussing how our legal practice management software can be tailored to support the individual needs of your law firm, and empower you to succeed in this digital age, request a no-obligation demonstration today.