Yorkshire-based law firm Ridley and Hall is embracing innovative technology to bolster its operations and has selected PracticeEvolve as its strategic partner to help support a transformative change to be technology driven. In a world where great businesses choose great tech, Ridley and Hall is gearing up to become an IT-driven firm, propelling itself into the future of legal practice.

Ridley & Hall employ over 120 staff across four offices in Yorkshire and are proud of their heritage. With the firm about to celebrate 100 years of operation, they pride themselves on being a culture that delivers excellent legal services for clients and offering their staff fantastic working environment. As Adam Fletcher, Business Development and IT Director at Ridley and Hall outlines, the firm are currently driving towards being more technologically driven which will only strengthen the culture internally while securing the future of the business in the long term.

Of Ridley & Hall’s objectives, Adam comments, “We recognised some time ago that technology is the backbone of any ambitious law firm.  Therefore, we set ourselves targets around virtualisation, productivity, efficiencies and improved user experience to be achieved within the next 18 months. To achieve our ambitions, we realised we must adopt a PMS that secures our future. It was only at the second attempt at going to market that we discovered PracticeEvolve, through our specialist advisers at The CS Partnership.”

“PracticeEvolve have been great from the outset. They demonstrated a deep understanding of the firm’s operations and presented a clear vision of how their software could drive progress. Importantly, they offered a user-friendly solution that doesn’t require coding expertise, a vital factor as we don’t have access to unlimited IT resources. Claire Worrall and her team at PracticeEvolve also proved all the essential functions, including Legal Aid, which is fundamental to Ridley and Hall’s business.”

Adam goes on to outline the importance of user-friendly software when increasing productivity saying, “Aligned with our organisation’s mission and values the tool was to empower our fee earners and release them from administrative burdens. The workflow tool offered by PracticeEvolve was a standout feature, well-conceived and user-friendly, because of this it was not complicated to roll out to the large firm. Ridley and Hall recognise that good software doesn’t just boost productivity; it enhances users’ well-being and satisfaction levels.”

Adam continues, “Interconnectivity is crucial in today’s tech-driven landscape and PracticeEvolve’s open API allows Ridley and Hall to connect various software solutions, including InfoTrack, which will foster a highly productive work environment. It may seem small but we’re very excited to be reducing the clicks from five to just one when it comes to saving documents back into the software. This is just one aspect of the remarkable efficiency gains we can achieve with this partnership.”

Clair Payne from The CS Partnership, the firm that introduced Ridley and Hall to PracticeEvolve, highlighted their role in facilitating this transformative journey. “Through a collaborative spirit and a genuine dedication to meeting client needs without making unrealistic promises, this partnership has been both enjoyable and successful. Claire Worrall highlighted the smooth cooperation and a shared enthusiasm for understanding the client requirements. Therefore, driving the firm toward technological expertise. We’re now very excited to move into the next phase with all the teams.”

Claire Worrall adds “In choosing to consolidate software and moving to PE, R&H are embracing technology as a catalyst for growth, efficiency, and enhanced client service. I’ve enjoyed working with Adam and the wider team along with Clair and Sarah of The CS Partnership as the objective to make R&H a technology driven business has been clear from the outset. I look forward to continuing to work with all the parties and people involved.”


About PracticeEvolve:

PracticeEvolve are a group of talented software and service experts who approach the market with an ethos of ‘perfection is never enough’. PracticeEvolve Group are committed to providing the highest level of service while remaining at the forefront of legal technology. PracticeEvolve provide a range of feature rich software, which is already being enjoyed by over 9,000 users.

For further information, please contact Adam Bullion on 07494525545.

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