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RedView is a platform that allows you access to PracticeEvolve information using your mobile device, anywhere, anytime. You can record time on almost any device, from iPhones to Android, iPad, and even Apple Watch. Additionally, all key information about your practice is available on your device – current financials, important dates, related parties, file notes, client information, contacts and more.

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How does RedView work with PracticeEvolve?

RedView seamlessly integrates with PracticeEvolve. Information from the PracticeEvolve database is available on the mobile device and as time is recorded it is written to the PracticeEvolve timesheet, ready for processing and billing.

RedView’s integration with PracticeEvolve means you can:

  • Record time quickly and easily, “there and then” to ensure billable time is not forgotten
  • Time phone calls so that this time is not lost.
  • Access information about matters such as trust funds available, debt position and key dates, via your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • Find information about clients and contacts with the tap of a button: addresses, numbers, notes – removing the need to call back to the office to find these details.
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Value Add-Ons

PracticeEvolve’s seamless integration with our software partners provides you will all the tools you need to run a modern law firm.

A game-changer for the modern law firm.

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