Property Law Management Software

The timely and efficient delivery of property services to private individuals and corporate entities sits in the work portfolio of many law firms. PracticeEvolve helps property teams handle files efficiently, integrate with key systems and build custom reports for corporate property clients.

Work more efficiently with technology that won’t let you down.

  • Workflow for automation of tasks throughout each stage of a sale, purchase or lease, whether commercial or residential in nature
  • Staged billing for fixed-fee billing across each stage of a property matter
  • Settlement calculator to document all adjustments and cheques, and automation of the adjustment sheet for settlement
  • Automated documents for generating contracts and standard documents populated with data directly from the client and matter fields
  • Safe custody (Strong Room) for electronic storage of title and security documents
  • Client Portal for 24×7 secure access to documents
  • Integration with Infotrack services

Property Law Management Software

When it comes to your property law practice, an optimised workflow is key to streamlining processes so you can focus on client service. Our Practice Evolve Platform simplifies both the workflow and billing aspects of your property law practice. It creates a powerful practice infrastructure that makes remote work a practical, viable possibility for your law firm and enhances security for the user, whether practitioner or client.

Enhance processes

Practitioners can easily establish custom workflows for specific tasks for a property sale, lease, or purchase. From contract to settlement and completion, our platform offers custom-made solutions that support your functions. Property accounting software features include a settlement calculator for tracking adjustments and checks and automated updates to the adjustment sheet for settlement.

Effortless integration

With Practice Evolve’s platform and its growing API suite, your property law practice will enjoy the benefits of effortless automation and integration, including with platforms like InfoTrack, Redview, and Fileman. Discounts on searches, reduced manual bookkeeping, efficient file management and access, and faster certificated and search returns are some of the associated advantages.

Custom reports and documents

The Practice Evolve platform empowers your property law practice to generate detailed custom reports for corporate property clients with one click, so you can update clients with ease. Create contracts and other standard documents with data populated from the client and matter information database, and eliminate time wasted on repeated manual data inputting.

Secure client access

Our platform supports exceptional client service by enabling secure access to documents for clients. Practice Evolve’s full-featured client portal makes it easy for your clients to sign in and access their documents at any time. Positive outcomes include higher client satisfaction, enhanced security, and reduced need for real-time service from your administrative team. All title and security documents are securely stored using the latest technology and digital security standards.

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Practice Evolve is an industry-leading vendor providing leading-edge practice management software to mid-tier firms across Australia as well as in New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland. With our all-in-one solution, your practice will work more efficiently thanks. Our property law management software could be a game-changer for property legal solicitors. Contact us now for more information or request a demo now.

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