EvolveCommunity includes EvolveLearning which is a learning platform designed to help firms maximise their PracticeEvolve software by constantly improving their knowledge of the system. All users can complete a number of specially designed courses within EvolveLearning with certification provided when each course has been passed.

Recently, we have made several valuable courses available for Cashiers & Bookkeeping Staff within EvolveLearning while also improving navigation to ensure it’s easier to locate the courses that are most relevant to each user.

The latest additions to our course catalogue are:

Office Postings

This course includes Journaling, Managing Requests & Lodgements, working with Disbursements & scheduling reoccurring transactions.

Client/Trust Postings

This course covers Journaling to include Client/Trust Payments & Receipts, Protecting Client Funds, Client to Office transfers and Matter to Matter transfers.  It also covers Client/Trust Deposit accounts.


This course includes all aspects of working with a draft bill, creating credit notes, working with Composite Bills, Issuing Statements, Debtor plans, Credit Control, installment plans, Staged Billing Plans & Automated Billing.

Banking Office & Client/Trust

This course covers banking transactions for both your office & client/trust accounts to include Preparing Deposits, preparing cheques, EFT/BACS payments & completing your bank reconciliations.

Suppliers & Purchase Ledger

This course includes all aspects of working with your Creditors including creating a new supplier, sending an email notification for payments, recording purchases & credit notes, and paying individually or in bulk.

Managing Journals

This course includes setting up and working with your Chart of accounts, entering Nominal Budgets and transactions, & Completing your Year End.

Accounting Reports

This course covers all aspects of accounting reports to include Sales, Purchase, Office, Client/Trust, Performance, Control, Client & Matter, Legal Aid & Surplus Reports.  It also includes Cube Reporting for General Ledger/Aging Analysis/Fee Analysis & Matter Analysis.

Divisions, Cost Centres & Departments

This course covers setting up, working with & reporting on Divisions, Cost Centres & Departments.

HMRC VAT Returns

This course covers setting up, viewing & submitting your VAT return.

Client Interest

This course covers setting up & calculating client interest either matter by matter or all matters in bulk.

Fee Earner Targets & Budgets

This course covers setting up & assigning fee-earner budgets & targets.

Billing Rates

This course covers setting up & assigning billing rates to Clients, Matters & Employees.


This course covers setting up, assigning & running reports with labels set as filters.

Our own in-house specialist team has created each course to provide practical knowledge and skills that you can apply directly to the use of PracticeEvolve. If you haven’t previously used EvolveLearning, registration is quick and simple and open for all PracticeEvolve users you can register by clicking here.