Since the year 2000, the global e-learning market has grown by 900 percent, with attention to 2020, where the demand for professional learning during the pandemic grew exponentially. As a direct result of COVID-19, business dynamics were shifted and many employees adopted a hybrid approach to working, meaning focus quickly shifted within businesses internally, to employee knowledge and competence.

Combine this with the fact businesses tend to only utilise up to 40% of the software they have installed (in many cases even less), and a knowledge gap is created, consequently reducing the return on any investment. Taking a closer look into understanding why this is the case, may subsequently provide solutions to business wanting to be more cost efficient, productive and competitive. Is it due to lack of training, a watering down of the knowledge over years, or just a simple lack of budget to invest in regular training?

Really, it’s a combination of all these factors which, in turn, leads to firms spending on software they don’t necessarily require. It’s fair to say legal technology providers need to take responsibility for the knowledge gap and find solutions that ensure staff – both new and existing – are always able to keep abreast of the software.

With more prospects surrounding flexible working arrangements, and as many firms continue to operate from their home offices, the requirement for an e-learning platform becomes ever more important. Along with the ability to measure participation and ensure the gaps in knowledge are filled. The shift in responsibility now lies with legal technology providers, to embrace a changing world and ensure client capabilities and understanding match that of the evolving software.

An article I read within LegalFutures a few days ago puts the onus on the law firms to work harder to make more of their investment, which is not necessarily wrong, but for us at PracticeEvolve, our belief is that legal technology providers must take responsibility, and do more to help firms.

PracticeEvolve incorporating SOS and Linetime, understand the challenges firms face with maximising the use of their investments and are taking responsibility by introducing EvolveCommunity, their feature rich e-learning platform. The capacity of features EvolveCommunity offers, creates a clear opportunity for users to really understand the software and follow best practice methodology.

The belief that technology should aid productivity is something which PracticeEvolve preach, and this is clearly showcased within EvolveCommunity. Bringing a new dynamic to practice management software, this revolutionary approach goes above and beyond for clients, and ensures understanding at every level.

Talk to one of our team today, if you are looking to get more from your software, and we can arrange a free, no-obligation demo.