There are numerous legal Practice Management Software (PMS) providers currently on the market. But how do you choose a solution that will address your specific needs and serve you in a way that will support your firm’s growth?

There are steps you can take to assess your needs, evaluate software, and vet potential vendors to help ease common pain points and eliminate unnecessary costs.

The assessment and selection steps covered include:

  • Step 1: Understand your firms needs pre-go-to market
  • Step 2: Choose your software selection team
  • Step 3: Shortlist your software vendors
  • Step 4: Identify customisation requirements and integration options
  • Step 5: Vet the vendors through diligent reference checks
  • Step 6: Select your long-term partner and formalise the project plan for implementation

This software assessment and selection guide will help you determine the necessary steps to select technology that will support your law firm for at least the next ten years.

Complementary Software Selection Checklist

There are certain pieces of information that all firms should consider gathering while conducting software and vendor due diligence. We have compiled an easy-to-follow four-stage Law Firm Software Selection Due Diligence Checklist that will help you determine your business needs, evaluate and compare solutions, validate your technical requirements, and negotiate a great contract.

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PracticeEvolve are a group of talented software and service experts who approach the market with an ethos of understanding that perfection is never enough. Our unconditional commitment to providing the highest level of service to every person enables us to develop feature rich software, which is already being enjoyed by over 16,000 users.

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