Embarking on a search for a new legal practice management software system can be a complicated undertaking, particularly for larger firms.

There are a number of key aspects law firms should consider to ensure that they invest in the right legal technology. Ultimately, the software must fit their specific business needs, boost the firm’s performance and enhance the overall effectiveness of their legal service delivery.

So we put together this comprehensive checklist to help you get a handle on the basics and guide you in making an informed decision that will see your firm thrive.

This Checklist will cover:

  • 10 key areas for consideration when selecting legal practice management software for your firm
  • Important questions to ask your technology provider before making an investment

Our due diligence checklist is aimed to help larger law firms align their technology with their business needs and realise their long-term strategic ambitions.

[DOWNLOAD INFOGRAPHIC] Our easy-to-read infographic provides an overview of the 10 key areas for consideration when searching to implement a new legal practice management solution within your business.

For a detailed breakdown of all the questions you should be asking your future technology provider download our comprehensive checklist today.

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