What’s the state of the Australian legal profession following the COVID-19 pandemic? How are mid-sized law firms performing? What challenges are they experiencing today? And what are they set to focus on over the year ahead?

To answer these and other key questions, PracticeEvolve ran a targeted survey of law firms around the country, looking to shed light on the changes that are taking place within the legal profession, how it is adapting to those changes, and to make recommendations on the way forward.

The report reveals an industry that has managed the transition to remote work with relative ease predominantly due to heavy reliance on current collaboration technology and practice management systems.

While further disruption is the number one prediction for the future of the legal sector, many plan to tackle coming change by improving internal systems and workflows, increase business development and marketing efforts, a greater focus on the integration of existing and new technology and attracting, training, and retaining key staff.

Snapshot of key findings:

  • Working remotely: Most working remotely rated the experience from good to excellent. However, issues emerged, including how to better manage work and document flow, how legal services should be structured and delivered, and how best to re-evaluate the client experience.
  • Productivity: Responses on productivity were mixed. Nearly 47% reported no difference, over 24% reported increased productivity while just 16.3% reported decreased productivity.
  • Demand for services: Mid-sized firms were impacted in the types of work they were seeing in the market. Those surveyed reported an increase of 20% in litigation, labour and employment law as well as wills and estate planning.
  • Risk management: Overall firms were not well prepared for a catastrophic event. While nearly 59% of firms surveyed had a business continuity plan in place, just under 41% did not.

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