PracticeEvolve, a comprehensive legal practice management solution for the mid-tier market, is pleased to announce that JCP Solicitors, which employs around 215 staff in nine offices across South Wales, has joined its growing list of UK clients.

In a six-figure deal, a successful and well-regarded multi-disciplinary practice, JCP Solicitors will replace its Advance Legal Enterprise solution with PracticeEvolve, incorporating legal accounts, workflow, document management, and CRM functions.

Business Resources Manager at JCP Solicitors, Denise Warlow said: “It was important to us that we found a solution that we can continue to develop ourselves in-house. After a detailed selection process, which included time spent evaluating a test system, it was very much apparent that this is a robust and feature-rich solution that is highly configurable, easy to use and would enable us to operate seamlessly.”

“Furthermore, it quickly became clear that the flexible, innovative and motivated team at PracticeEvolve would be very easy to work with. This gave us confidence for a successful project and a sound, longstanding relationship.”

“PracticeEvolve was recommended to us by our outsource provider Quiss Technology who have worked alongside us throughout the selection and due diligence process.”

Nick Hayne, Head of Professional Services at Quiss Technology stated: “Having seen the brief it was clear that PracticeEvolve provided an ideal fit for the business and its forward-thinking strategy. From our perspective, it will not only give us the chance to work with a firm that provide a very innovative solution but also the opportunity to work alongside a team of highly skilled professionals.”

PracticeEvolve CEO, David Boland, commented: “The team at JCP Solicitors has been a pleasure to work with throughout the selection process. The firm has a clear vision of what they want to achieve and have displayed great enthusiasm, beginning at the management team level and extending right across the business, which will ensure project success. Furthermore, this is somewhat of a watershed deal from a PracticeEvolve perspective, having experienced so much success in New South Wales, it’s good to be finally operating in the original South Wales!”

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About JCP Solicitors

JCP Solicitors in a South Wales Law Firm with 215 employees and 9 offices. Representing private and business clients it has evolved into a regionally based business with local, regional, UK and international clients. The strength of JCP lies in high standards and professional values whilst continuously developing new models of delivering legal services to meet the needs of the modern-day client.