There are certain pieces of information that all firms should consider gathering while conducting software and vendor due diligence.

We have compiled this easy-to-follow four-stage selection checklist that will help you determine your business needs, evaluate and compare solutions, validate your technical requirements, and negotiate a great contract.

This checklist covers the four stages of software selection:

  • Requirements and Research: You can think of your list of requirements as a Practice Management Software (PMS) selection criteria checklist. Requirements gathering helps you decide what your firm needs from a software solution. Armed with your specific business requirements, you can now perform preliminary research to identify which PMS system meets your needs.
  • Vendor Comparison: Use the information you’ve obtained from requirements gathering and research to help you get relevant, informative answers from potential vendors.
  • Technical Validation: Thoroughly evaluate your potential software against your technical requirements. You should assess the system using at least four criteria: supporting user needs, improvement of internal processes, flexibility, and cost.
  • Financial Due Diligence: Conduct a business case review and evaluate potential ‘hidden expenses’. After you’ve chosen your vendor, the process wraps up with contract negotiation and close.

For a detailed breakdown of all the questions you should be asking your future technology provider, download our comprehensive checklist today

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