Intellectual Property & Trademarks

Intellectual Property Management Software

IP and Trademark work benefits from the structure and process that PracticeEvolve provides you within its comprehensive suite of tools.

Work more efficiently with technology that won’t let you down.

  • Workflow for automation of reminders for renewals and deadlines within an application for registered trademarks and patents
  • Automated documents generating standard correspondence and documents during the initial stages and in the coming years when renewals are due
  • Briefs and bundles for quick and easy compilation of drawings and documents
  • Document storage for files of any type, enabling you to save images and patent drawings directly into the matter electronic file
  • Safe custody (Strong Room) for electronic storage of original trademark and patent certificates
  • Client Portal for 24×7 secure access to documents.

Intellectual Property Management Solution

The comprehensive suite of intellectual property law practice software tools provided by PracticeEvolve offers benefits for IP and trademark work, providing the needed structure and process to make for a more organised and effective workflow. Going beyond that, this intellectual property management system integrates a more data-driven approach into your process, gathering insights that feed into more informed decisions.

Greater Efficiency Through Streamlined Workflows

This intellectual property law practice software eases your workflow by providing reminders for renewals and deadlines as applications for registered trademarks and patents move along. Promoting productivity further, PracticeEvolve generates standard correspondence at the initial stages of applications, doing so again for years afterwards as renewals become due.

The software’s document storage functionality hosts all sorts of documents, ensuring that your legal staff have easy access to images and patent drawings. Files can be easily grouped together and compiled for more intuitive access. The highly reliable Strong Room feature keeps the original trademark and patent certificates safe and backed up. The client portal is always up and running for 24/7 access from any location.

Efficient Remote Working

Using Practice Evolve’s intellectual property management solutions, your legal staff have the option to work from home at no cost to their productivity. This is made possible by a three-tiered system architecture that’s easily installable to a cloud server, allowing you unrestricted access for home-based working.

The efficient version control system facilitates a tight remote team environment, allowing for collaboration and document sharing with full audit trails, doing away with the need for shared drives.

APIs for Smarter Automation and Innovation

With APIs, it’s significantly easier to incorporate a data-driven approach that improves client outcomes. Tracking important metrics such as operational efficiency, legal business processes and legal spend becomes more reliable with APIs that remove the potential pitfalls of human error, virtually guaranteeing the capture of quality data.

In the end, your law firm reaps the benefits of streamlined workflow, lower overhead and greater productivity. With Practice Evolve’s intellectual property management system, your IP cases take on a more data-driven approach. As you consider building upon that heightened performance with additional legal practice software, Practice Evolve’s due diligence checklist helps you establish whether the options you’re looking at are appropriate for your law firm.

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