Sector: Software/ IT/Legal

Location: Sydney

The opportunity

This is an exciting opportunity for a passionate full-stack developer with back-end focus to create a brand-new cloud-based solution building on the success of an on-premise product.

To deliver this solution, we are building on a new microservices-based stack, with multiple modern user-interfaces, and internal and external APIs. We’re inviting you – an experienced, self-motivated software engineer, to join our team who collectively makes key decisions in bringing this product to its future success.

You are self-motivated, proud of the code you write, love to see it deployed in production, and likes to harness peer and customer feedback to further improve it. You enjoy working in a team, but also want to see the bigger picture and knows how to bring the team along. While you have an eye on the goal, you also love to explore the latest technologies along the way, and not afraid to use them.

Your technical skills:

  • Strong foundation in software design and development practices – minimum 7 years of experience
  • Angular, TypeScript, C#, .NET Core, Azure/AWS, XML, REST
  • CI/CD
  • Docker

Beneficial skills:

  • Kubernetes
  • CQRS
  • Actor system
  • Web socket
  • Functional programming

Your personal traits

  • You have a strong willingness to learn new technologies and new industry domains
  • You possess strong verbal and written communication skills
  • You are a team player who enjoys exchanging domain and technical knowledge with others

About us:

Practice Evolve is a fast-growing international company that is providing critical services to mid-tier law firms. We have a mission to streamline and modernise the way lawyers and clients collaborate and access information.

We’re a company of pragmatic thinkers who listens to your ideas and does not choose design decisions by job title – your voice counts, and your decisions and actions will directly impact on the success of the business. We’re nimble and not afraid of new technologies all the while having a keen focus on how it will be received by the customer. We know technology is changing all the time, which is why we make available training programs, so you can sharpen your skills.