Automate tasks, save time and increase productivity.

PracticeEvolve legal practice management solution offers efficient task and workflow automation for law firms. It allows attaching documents, emails, and templates to tasks, facilitating seamless collaboration. Our software provides a comprehensive view of tasks for all employees, simplifying delegation and monitoring.

PracticeEvolve’s task management functionality organises and categorises to-do lists, while workflows automate recurring tasks, saving time, and improving consistency. With PracticeEvolve, your law firm can optimise its operations, enhance productivity, and deliver excellent client service.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms

Task and Workflow Automation

PracticeEvolve automates tasks and workflows, streamlining processes and saving time. Tasks can be assigned to specific staff members, and relevant documents or emails can be directly attached to tasks for seamless collaboration. Workflows provide a structured sequence of tasks for complex processes, eliminating repetitive manual work and ensuring consistency.

Task Management

PracticeEvolve provides a comprehensive view of tasks for all employees, allowing law firms to delegate work effectively and monitor progress. Tasks can be prioritised, categorised, and assigned to team members, ensuring transparency and efficient task allocation. This feature improves coordination, minimises the risk of missed deadlines, and facilitates seamless team collaboration.

Daily Digest

PracticeEvolve’s Daily Digest feature acts as your personal assistant, providing a centralised view of daily tasks, events, and missed calls. Users start their day with a detailed email, empowering you to effortlessly review upcoming tasks and events, delegate work, and stay informed about your team’s progress.

Mobile App Access

PracticeEvolve offers a mobile app that allows users to access their tasks and calendar while on the go. With mobile app accessibility, legal professionals can stay connected and stay on top of their tasks, even when they are away from their desks. This feature enables them to conveniently view, update, and prioritise tasks from their mobile devices, enhancing productivity and responsiveness.

To stay competitive in their field, every practice needs to optimise their workflow. Legal workflow automation is a vital instrument for ensuring your team has everything they need to work at top capacity, eliminating the need for manual data tracking. PracticeEvolve’s law firm workflow software is your answer to transforming your legal practice.

Streamline your firm’s operations, enhance collaboration and boost productivity with our intuitive law firm workflow software. Stay on top of tasks, deadlines and client matters effortlessly. Experience a smarter way to work in the legal industry — explore the features of PracticeEvolve’s advanced task and workflow management solutions today.

Why invest in digital task and workflow management for legal teams

Digital task and workflow management for legal teams does more than just optimise internal processes. It also helps you build a positive relationship with your most important clients. By incorporating digital task management for law firms, your team can look forward to:

  • Enhanced collaboration — No matter the size of your team or business scale, it’s natural for information to get lost in the pipeline due to ineffective teamwork. Through law firm workflow software, legal professionals can facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among team members by providing a centralised platform for task-related discussions, file sharing and updates on progress.
  • Improve work quality and legal compliance — Becoming a leader within your industry means staying compliant. By implementing standardised procedures and compliance checks within workflows, you can ensure legal tasks adhere to regulations, internal policies and quality standards.
  • Remain agile in a fast-paced sector — With law firm workflow software, your team will be able to easily adapt to changing circumstances, such as new cases or urgent tasks, by quickly reassigning tasks and modifying workflows, assuring flexibility in handling unexpected situations.
  • Time and cost-efficiency — The PracticeEvolve task management solution helps you keep your team focused and below budget. Your firm will experience a reduction in manual administrative tasks and errors and improve efficiency, allowing resources to be utilised more effectively.

Rewrite the way your legal practice operates and discover the full potential of PracticeEvolve’s solutions

At PracticeEvolve, we recognise the challenges many firms face regarding workflow. Over the years, we’ve created a catalogue of cloud-based solutions that serve the needs of firms across the country, which you can learn more about in our downloadable section.

Before diving into our catalogue, take a moment to assess your firm’s requirements. Reflect on the challenges you face, the areas where you seek improvement and the goals you aim to achieve. Each leaflet we’ve created guides you through specific aspects of our comprehensive solutions.

Submit your details to us, and our expert team will contact you. We’ll work with you to tailor our innovative solutions to ensure they align with your firm’s needs and harness the full potential of PracticeEvolve’s technology.

PracticeEvolve — where innovation meets simplicity

Staying ahead in the digital age within the legal landscape has never been more crucial. PracticeEvolve can help your business gain an edge over the competition and keep your team at the top of their game. Whether you’re a boutique firm or a large corporation operating globally, PracticeEvolve is your trusted partner in achieving legal excellence.

Join the ranks of successful law firms that have embraced PracticeEvolve’s transformative solutions. Book a demo with us today to discover the power of using a cloud-based solution tailored to your needs.