Effective legal billing and invoicing for law firms is a strategic tool designed to streamline the billing process, enhance accuracy and ultimately contribute to the success of your legal practice. Gone are the days of man-made errors during manual processing. Legal billing software opens doors to more flexible billing structures, allowing firms to provide a better experience to their most important clients.

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Simplify legal billing processes with PracticeEvolve.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms

Efficient Billing Process

PracticeEvolve’s software simplifies the billing process, reducing the workload for accounting and administrative staff. The system incorporates powerful billing features that condense the billing process to just a few clicks. It includes a tailored online approval process and automated options for issuance of invoices. This ensures prompt payment and accelerates revenue collection for law firms.

Client Financial Management

PracticeEvolve seamlessly integrates client financial management functionalities into its software. The system automatically tracks invoices that are ready to be paid from client accounts based on local jurisdiction’s regulations. This allows you to pay invoices from client funds in just two clicks, enhancing compliance and efficient management of client accounts.

Flexible Invoicing Options

The software provides multiple ways to generate invoices and statements, allowing law firms to choose their preferred invoicing methods. Whether it’s generating invoices upon matter completion, at predefined stages, or through a monthly invoicing run, PracticeEvolve adapts to your preferred workflow, providing flexibility and convenience.

Customisable Billing Rates

PracticeEvolve offers the flexibility to create multiple billing rates at the client, matter, Matter Type, Job Title, task type, Billing Grade, employee level.. This feature simplifies the time tracking process, accommodating the various billing methods used by your firm. The timesheet module allows for itemised and timed fee recording providing comprehensive options for capturing billable and non-billable time accurately.

“Legal Accounting, being a niche field, requires a system specifically tailored for handling legal accounts. PracticeEvolve delivers against that and has helped us implement best practice. The user-friendly and intuitive nature of the system is invaluable to a busy firm like ours.”

Sherrie Rossiter, Galbally Parker Lawyers

“The accounting functionality in PracticeEvolve is exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly. Our team appreciates the seamless process of adding work items, initiating billing, obtaining approval, and finalising the entire procedure. PracticeEvolve has successfully streamlined our billing workflow, making it easier and more efficient.”

Removing the pain from invoicing with a simplified billing process.

Managing legal accounts is a critical aspect of law firm operations, and having a reliable and efficient system in place is essential. PracticeEvolve’s law firm accounting software was specifically developed to meet the unique accounting needs of law firms, providing a comprehensive solution to manage legal accounts effectively.

A robust accounting system is vital for law firms to ensure accurate billing, streamlined invoicing processes, and improved financial insights. The PracticeEvolve legal billing software offers key features designed to simplify the billing process, facilitate compliant client financial management, and provide real-time analytics for smarter decision-making.

PracticeEvolve’s legal billing and invoicing for law firms automate the entire billing workflow, eliminating manual processes prone to errors and delays. From capturing billable hours to generating invoices, the software ensures a seamless and efficient billing experience.

We understand that many firms of all scales operate within varying diverse billing structures. PracticeEvolve’s software seamlessly accommodates different law firm billing, flat fees, contingency fees and more. Customise your billing structures to meet the unique needs of each client and matter, providing flexibility that aligns with the complexities of legal billing.

Our legal billing software works with your existing processes for a comprehensive billing solution. We’ll help you record billing hours automatically to ensure every minute is accurately reflected in your invoices. This level of integration enhances accuracy, reduces the risk of underbilling and maximises revenue.

Why choose PracticeEvolve as your legal billing software partner

In a competitive legal landscape, it’s precise and efficient billing practices that can set successful firms apart. The PracticeEvolve legal billing software is your answer for transforming your billing processes. By incorporating our law firm billing solution, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Time savings and improved efficiency 

Eliminate the time-consuming task of manual billing processes. PracticeEvolve’s legal billing software streamlines your entire firm’s workflow, allowing your team to focus on more pressing legal work instead of administrative tasks. The result? Increased efficiency and time savings that contribute to the overall productivity of your team.

  • Minimise and eliminate billing errors 

From missing information to inaccurate figures, manual billing is prone to errors that can lead to disputes and impact client relationships. PracticeEvolve’s legal billing software reduces the risk of billing errors by automating the process and ensuring accuracy in time tracking, expense inclusion and overall invoice generation.

  • Improved cash flow management

It’s no secret that timely and accurate invoicing contributes to improved cash flow for your legal practice. With PracticeEvolve, you can bill accurately and promptly, reducing the time between service delivery and payment receipt. This kind of financial agility enhances your firm’s ability to manage expenses so that you can further invest in your firm’s growth and maintain your bottom line.

  • Greater client satisfaction

Keeping clients happy is a top priority across any firm. Transparent and accurate billing can help you build trust with your clients and encourage long-lasting relationships. PracticeEvolve’s legal billing software provides detailed, easy-to-understand invoices that enhance client satisfaction.

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From automated workflows to customisable templates and integrated time tracking, PracticeEvolve ensures that your billing practices are efficient and timelessly reflect the professionalism of your firm. We’ve been assisting firms of all scales to supercharge their success within their industry, and we’re keen to get you on board next.

Don’t let billing complexities slow you down. PracticeEvolve empowers you to focus on what you do best — practising law — while our software takes care of the intricacies of invoicing. Experience the future of legal billing software with PracticeEvolve. Book a demo with us today and discover the full potential of our billing solutions.