Deliver high-quality work consistently.

Experience seamless document creation and management with PracticeEvolve. Our robust features are specifically designed to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency, enabling your firm to deliver exceptional work consistently.

With integrated email management, automated forms and precedents, customisation options, and seamless integration with Microsoft Office, PracticeEvolve empowers law firms to deliver consistent, high-quality work.

Experience seamless document creation and management with PracticeEvolve.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms

Automated Document Creation

PracticeEvolve offers quick and accurate document creation through automated forms and precedents. The software auto-populates matter information, enabling swift generation of standardised documents, significantly reducing drafting and proofreading time. By automating document management, PracticeEvolve minimises the risk of errors arising from manual data entry.

Microsoft Word Integration

PracticeEvolve enables seamless navigation between the software, Microsoft Word, and PDF documents. This smooth workflow facilitates quick and easy generation of automated forms, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Forms and Precedents Library

Access thousands of up-to-date automated legal forms and precedents that are continually revised to provide you with timely content for every practice area. PracticeEvolve also offers the flexibility to customise and add your own precedents to the library. This streamlines document creation and ensures consistency in your firm’s work.

Efficient Document Workflow

PracticeEvolve’s integrated activity tracking automatically records the time spent on document assembly, so you gain a clear understanding of the time invested and saved. With this feature, you can easily track billable hours with accuracy and effectively manage your resources.

Outlook Integration

PracticeEvolve offers seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, enabling efficient email management within the software. With this integration, users can conveniently handle emails and automatically save them, along with associated documents, directly to designated matter files, eliminating the need for manual forwarding or separate email storage.

Collaborative Email Management

PracticeEvolve enables team members to view and access each other’s emails related to specific matters. This eliminates the need for forwarding or cc’ing, streamlining communication and facilitating seamless collaboration.

Between scattered files, endless email threads and the stress of document retrieval, document management for legal teams takes up precious time that could be better spent elsewhere. PracticeEvolve’s email management and filing software for lawyers puts legal professionals back in control.

With our software, you’ll have total control over your digital workspace. Effortlessly organise, secure and access your documents and emails from one central hub. Imagine a world where finding critical case files, client communications and important legal documents is just a click away. Our intuitive interface and advanced search and categorisation functionality ensure you spend less time searching and more time focusing on what you do best — practising law and serving your clients.

With our document and email management software for lawyers, you’ll be able to streamline your documents and emails in one centralised system, making it easy to sort, store and retrieve information swiftly. This also means spending less time searching for files or emails, allowing you to focus on your clients and legal tasks, ultimately improving productivity and enhancing your client services.

In addition, our email management and filing software for lawyers fosters a sense of collaboration and teamwork between colleagues, as they’ll be able to share documents and emails securely and seamlessly. This also contributes to maintaining a clear record of document revisions and changes, enabling you to track the evolution of legal files and ensuring you work with the most up-to-date information.

By implementing PractiveEvolve’s document and email management software, you’ll help your team provide better service to your clients by accessing their information quickly, answering queries promptly and demonstrating a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

Why choose PracticeEvolve?

At PracticeEvolve, we understand the unique challenges law firms face, and we’re dedicated to revolutionising how you operate, one solution at a time. We are committed to innovation and excellence and offer tailored solutions designed specifically for legal professionals.

Our comprehensive suite of features, including document management, email integration, workflow automation and secure collaboration tools, ensures seamless operations and streamlined workflows, helping your firm to exceed client expectations and maximise their skillset.

Other software to explore with PracticeEvolve

Go beyond email and file management for law firms and explore other capabilities within our software.

PracticeEvolve’s cloud software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate every aspect of legal practice. With secure cloud storage, law firms can effortlessly organise and access case files from anywhere, ensuring data confidentiality. Collaboration is also seamless, thanks to real-time updates and intuitive workflows.

Our cloud software also offers powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling firms to extract valuable insights from their operations for enhanced decision-making.

Experience legal excellence with PracticeEvolve — your document and email management solution

Revolutionise your legal practice by partnering with a leader in legal management software — PracticeEvolve. We can help elevate your practice and productivity, streamline your workflow and ensure your clients’ information is handled with the utmost care with the PractiveEvolve email management and filing software for lawyers. Experience efficiently organised documents, swift email management and seamless collaboration.

Trust PracticeEvolve to be your partner in transforming your team to work smarter, faster and with unmatched precision. Book a demo with one of our consultants today to discover the full potential of our cloud-based solution.

“PracticeEvolve enhances our processes by simplifying file management. We can save emails, track document changes, and email documents from one central location. Version control on documents is also valuable, ensuring everyone works on the same version and eliminating confusion and errors from multiple copies. In legal matters, accuracy and integrity of documents are crucial, and version control provides a complete history of the document’s evolution, which is essential and makes my job much easier.”