Client communication is made easy with the PracticeEvolve Communication App

Embrace a better, more efficient way to communicate with your most important clients with the communication app for lawyers available with PracticeEvolve. With a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface, the PracticeEvolve Communication App is your solution to improving collaboration within your team and connecting with clients in a more personal and approachable way.

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Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms

Single View of Matter Files

Law firms using the Communicate App can provide their clients with a single view of all their important matter files and instructions. This feature enhances transparency and allows clients to access relevant information easily, fostering trust and effective collaboration.

Conversational Style Messaging

The Communicate App enables users to view and comment on received files, upload files, and send messages securely, all within a user-friendly conversational interface. This eliminates the need for insecure email communication and ensures confidential information remains protected.

Enhanced Security and Mobile App

The Communicate App ensures robust security through multi-factor authentication, data encryption, passwordless authentication, and a dedicated mobile app with Face ID and fingerprint authorisation. These measures protect sensitive information, prevent unauthorised access, and provide convenient and secure access to conversations and notifications on mobile devices.

Internal Collaboration

Recognising the value of secure messaging and file sharing, PracticeEvolve expanded the Communicate feature to enhance internal communication within law firms. Features such as Communicate Direct Messages, Internal Matter Conversations, and Channels enable seamless collaboration among colleagues, eliminating the need for inconsistent and time-consuming communication methods like phone calls and emails.

“The Communicate App has made a notable change in the way we communicate with clients regarding court-related matters. As many of our clients require reminders about their court appearances, this feature has proven to be invaluable. Having the contact information readily available on the matter card has made it easy to send them text messages without the need to search for phone numbers or worry about missed calls. We have found this feature to be a big asset that has simplified our client communication process.”

Secure, client-centric communication.

Effective client communication is crucial for law firms to build strong relationships with their clients and provide high-quality legal services. In today’s digital age, where cybercrime is on the rise and crucial data gets lost in the pipeline, ensuring secure communication and easy-to-navigate channels becomes even more important.

Say goodbye to scattered emails, missed messages and information overload — the PracticeEvolve Communication App streamlines your communication, ensuring seamless collaboration and unparalleled efficiency. With years of experience within the legal landscape, we’ve managed to identify the common communication pain points law firms encounter across the country, from mismanaged data points to security concerns and a general feeling of disconnect from their clients.

PracticeEvolve offers a solution with our Communicate App to address these concerns and enhance client communication within law firms. This secure file sharing and messaging platform is specifically designed for legal professionals and provides a range of features to streamline communication processes and maintain data security throughout the lifecycle of legal matters.

Our communication and collaboration software for lawyers consolidates all your communication channels into a single, intuitive platform. Whether it’s emails, instant messages or a single view of your most important documents, everything you need is at your fingertips. No more toggling between different applications — with PracticeEvolve’s Communication App, your communication hub is unified and efficient.

As a powerful piece of communication and collaboration software for law firms, the PracticeEvolve Communication App is designed to work with you and your existing processes. This means our Communication App can be easily connected to your entire legal workflow. Effortlessly link conversations to specific matters, access case files and synchronise your communication with your practice management for unparalleled efficiency.

PracticeEvolve Communication App — the ultimate solution for forward-thinking legal professionals

The PracticeEvolve Communication App is your key to a more connected and efficient legal practice. Elevate your communication game, streamline collaboration and enhance client service with our cutting-edge app. Join the ranks of leading legal professionals who trust PracticeEvolve Connect to revolutionise the way they work.

Take the first step towards a more productive and client-focused legal practice. Sign up for the PracticeEvolve Communication App now and stay ahead in an industry that never sleeps. Contact a member of our team today to experience a full demonstration.

Welcome to the new age of client communication — why invest in the PracticeEvolve Communication App

In an era where maintaining client satisfaction is at an all-time high, many firms have begun looking for alternative and innovative ways to keep their clients happy and engaged. By incorporating the PracticeEvolve Communication App into your practice, your team can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Boosted productivity — With streamlined communication and integrated workflows, the PracticeEvolve Communicate App boosts overall productivity. Spend less time navigating multiple platforms and more time focusing on your clients and cases.
  • Enhanced client service — A transparent and efficient communication system reflects positively on your client service. With the PracticeEvolve Communication App, you’ll seamlessly keep your clients informed, address their concerns promptly and build stronger, long-lasting relationships.
  • Time and cost savings — By consolidating communication into a single platform, you’ll reduce the time spent on administration and communication overhead. Save valuable billable hours and cut down on operational costs with the PracticeEvolve Communication App.
  • Improved document management — The PracticeEvolve Communication App doesn’t just stop at communication. It also simplifies your approach to document management. From case documents to client correspondence, our communication app for law firms ensures your team has instant access to the information they need, optimising your workflow.
  • Scalability for growth — As your legal practice grows, so does the need for efficient communication. The PracticeEvolve Communication App scales with your firm, adapting to the changing demands of your expanding client base and caseload.