Make informed decisions to enhance profitability and drive growth.

In today’s data-driven world, access to accurate and real-time financial information is crucial for law firms to make informed decisions and drive success.

PracticeEvolve software was specifically developed to address the unique accounting needs of law firms, offering an intuitive solution that combines visual dashboards, customisable reports, and real-time data reporting. This powerful combination empowers law firms to effectively manage their financial data, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions to enhance profitability and drive growth.

Make informed decisions with legal accounting software tailor-made for law firms.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms

Visual Dashboards

PracticeEvolve transforms complex financial data into visual dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute insights. These interactive dashboards are customisable based on users’ roles within your firm, displaying the most relevant metrics and KPIs. With intuitive visualisations, you can easily monitor key financial indicators and identify trends, allowing for quick and informed decision-making.

Real-Time Analytics

PracticeEvolve’s capabilities go beyond static reporting. With on-screen reports and live data, you can segment, drill down, and analyse financial information whenever needed. This real-time access to data enables deeper insights into your firm’s financial state, empowering decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Customisable Reports

PracticeEvolve offers customisability, allowing firms to choose what information is included in their reports. From common accounting reports to financial transactions, cash flow, balance sheets, debtors, budgets, and more, everything is brought together into one screen. Favourite reports can be saved for easy access, ensuring that critical information is readily available when needed. Additionally, cube reports can be created and modified to each firm’s needs.

“Having live data is a game-changer. When someone asks me a question or I’m in a meeting, I can provide them with the most up-to-date information within minutes. It’s incredibly valuable, especially in fast-paced conversations where data changes rapidly. Witnessing the rolling effect of real-time updates or edits is very satisfying.”

Sherrie Rossiter, Galbally Parker Lawyers