Deliver high-quality work consistently.

Experience seamless document creation and management with PracticeEvolve. Our robust features are specifically designed to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency, enabling your firm to deliver exceptional work consistently.

With integrated email management, automated forms and precedents, customisation options, and seamless integration with Microsoft Office, PracticeEvolve empowers law firms to deliver consistent, high-quality work.

Experience seamless document creation and management with PracticeEvolve.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms

Automated Document Creation

PracticeEvolve offers quick and accurate document creation through automated forms and precedents. The software auto-populates matter information, enabling swift generation of standardised documents, significantly reducing drafting and proofreading time. By automating document management, PracticeEvolve minimises the risk of errors arising from manual data entry.

Microsoft Word Integration

PracticeEvolve enables seamless navigation between the software, Microsoft Word, and PDF documents. This smooth workflow facilitates quick and easy generation of automated forms, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Efficient Document Workflow

PracticeEvolve’s integrated activity tracking automatically records the time spent on document assembly, so you gain a clear understanding of the time invested and saved. With this feature, you can easily track billable hours with accuracy and effectively manage your resources.

Outlook Integration

PracticeEvolve offers seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, enabling efficient email management within the software. With this integration, users can conveniently handle emails or enable the system to automatically save them to the associated matter upon receiving it in the inbox, along with associated documents, directly to designated matter files, eliminating the need for manual forwarding or separate email storage.

Collaborative Email Management

PracticeEvolve enables team members to view and access each other’s emails related to specific matters. This eliminates the need for forwarding or cc’ing, streamlining communication and facilitating seamless collaboration.

“PracticeEvolve enhances our processes by simplifying file management. We can save emails, track document changes, and email documents from one central location. Version control on documents is also valuable, ensuring everyone works on the same version and eliminating confusion and errors from multiple copies. In legal matters, accuracy and integrity of documents are crucial, and version control provides a complete history of the document’s evolution, which is essential and makes my job much easier.”