Between countless complex transactions, stringent compliance requirements and the necessity for meticulous surveillance, the demand for sophisticated financial management software has never been more pronounced. PracticeEvolve is your premier partner, offering an innovative law firm financial management software tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by law firms.

Explore the core values of our financial management software and how it can make a difference in your practice today.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms

Compliance Controls and Transaction Monitoring

PracticeEvolve provides users with a host of benefits to ensure compliance with SRA Accounts Rules. Our fully integrated cloud-based accounting system comes equipped with in-built controls designed to prevent overdrawn client balances and office credit balances. Additionally, our comprehensive suite of reports, including a dedicated Residual Client Balance report, further strengthens your compliance efforts.

Client Financial Management

PracticeEvolves client financial management system makes it easy to transfer funds from client to office for outstanding invoices and disbursements.

Protected Funds

PracticeEvolve has an inbuilt Earmarked funds feature that allows firms to ringfence client monies for specific use, thus promoting compliance with SRA Accounts Rule 5.1. When ready for withdrawal, the Earmarked funds can be released, seamlessly creating the required payment.