In an industry where time is money, every minute counts. PracticeEvolve’s time-tracking software for law firms empowers legal professionals to reclaim their time, enhance productivity and boost the overall efficiency of their practice. Seamlessly integrate our time-tracking software for law firms with your existing software to maximise productivity and reduce time-consuming admin tasks.

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Accurately capture every billable minute with PracticeEvolve.

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PracticeEvolve’s AutoTime feature revolutionises the way law firms track and bill time. It automatically tracks all activities performed within the PracticeEvolve system, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook. Whether drafting documents, sending emails, attending meetings, or working on client matters, AutoTime captures and associates the time with the appropriate matter automatically. This eliminates the need for manual timers and ensures accurate time tracking.

Automated Billing

PracticeEvolve’s automated activity tracking seamlessly integrates with billing processes. Users can convert tracked activity to billing entries, eliminating manual data entry. You can generate individually or choose to automate the generation of draft invoices by placing them on a schedule. This ensures timely invoicing, improves cash flow, and reduces administrative burden.

“Following our transition to PracticeEvolve, I proactively implemented time recording for all activities, including fixed work items, a functionality lacking in our previous system. The accounting functionality is exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly. Our team appreciates the seamless process of adding work items, initiating billing, obtaining approval, and finalising the entire procedure. PracticeEvolve has successfully streamlined our billing workflow, making it easier and more efficient.”