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Unlock the full potential of your law firm with PracticeEvolve, the ultimate end-to-end solution designed exclusively for legal practices. From client engagement to efficient bill collection, our comprehensive software empowers you to seamlessly manage every aspect of your firm’s processes.

With PracticeEvolve, you’ll have access to a range of powerful features that enhance your firm’s efficiency and foster growth. Benefit from detailed live-data reporting, personalised dashboards, and fully compliant software, giving you the insights, you need to drive success.

Discover just some of our key features below.


Efficiently onboard and manage prospects, clients, and matters.

Prospect Management

Convert new leads into valuable business opportunities with the essential tools to track and follow up with your prospective clients.

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Due Diligence Management

Perform thorough client due diligence processes using robust, system-wide conflict checks, AML and customer due diligence functionality.

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Case Management

Manage cases with easy access to all related information, including emails, documents, tasks, events, and contacts, from a centralised location.

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Execute the Work

Effectively manage legal and administrative tasks for your matters.

Document and Email Management

Automate document creation, organise emails, and index documents for efficient searching, even with image-based PDFs.

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Task and Workflow Management

Enhance matter handling and productivity with task and workflow management, categorised to-do lists and automated recurring tasks.

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Client Communication

Improve client communication utilising the dedicated built-in Communicate platform which offers secure messaging and file sharing.

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Bill and Collect

Ensure accurate and efficient accounting, billing, and collections.

Automatic Time Tracking & Billing

Sophisticated time recording integrated with key activities throughout the Microsoft Office suite, email filing and documents.

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Streamlined Invoicing

Simplify the invoicing process with flexible billing options, customisable billing rates and approval flows defined by the business.

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Client Funds Management

Implement a streamlined and compliant approach to client funds management, simplifying the collection process.

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Optimise Your Firm

Leverage business insights to effectively manage and grow your firm.

Customisable Dashboards

Tailor and customise interactive dashboards to gain access to essential real-time financial and operational information.

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Management Reporting

Generate comprehensive performance and cube reports enabling you to manage workload, assess profitability, and improve efficiencies.

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Compliance Reporting

Maintain complete visibility and ensure compliance across all areas of the business through compliance reporting.

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Explore PracticeEvolve’s software features

From seamless case management to streamlined document handling and collaborative communication, PracticeEvolve empowers legal professionals to excel. We aim to combine innovation and efficiency in the world of legal practice management. Discover a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to meet the unique demands of modern law firms below:

  • Engage 

When onboarding a new client, having a defined and effective process in place is paramount. When you’re managing countless pieces of information and sensitive data, you need to know you’ll be backed by secure and swift case management software. With PracticeEvolve’s lead management functionality, you can track and follow up with potential clients while conducting accurate due diligence to ensure compliance within your legal and regulatory framework. 

Manage conflicts, minimise risks and uncover strategic solutions with this exceptional PracticeEvolve software feature.

  • Execute the work 

It’s no secret that staying organised keeps you at the top of your game in any legal profession. This PracticeEvolve software feature in our cloud solution prioritises efficiency and streamlines workflow, which can result in high client satisfaction. From integrated email management, automated forms and workflow and mobile app accessibility, legal professionals can achieve a new level of sophistication.

  • Bill and collect

Conduct accurate accounting and billing services with our exceptional PracticeEvolve software feature. Whether preparing documents, sending emails or working on urgent client matters, our legal solutions record and document your activities, automating your time tracking. Firms can also look forward to a simplified invoicing process by providing flexible and customisable billing options and a streamlined collection process. 

  • Optimise your firm 

Imagine a legal software that not only simplifies your practice but enhances it. PracticeEvolve’s software features work to drive innovation and cutting-edge solutions at every corner. Law firms will have access to real-time financial insights, the ability to generate performance reports and maintain complete visibility over potential compliance issues through compliance reporting. 

Partner with PracticeEvolve and embrace the new age of legal software 

Grow your firm and boost profitability by taking advantage of the excellent PracticeEvolve software features. Discover the power of the PracticeEvolve legal software solutions by booking a demo today.



There are many elements that make up an effective case management system. A good case management system should be intuitive, user-friendly and highly organised. It must also be capable of handling scheduling, document management and communication to ensure seamless collaboration among team members. 

Customisability is also key, as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate with other tools and robust security features to safeguard sensitive data. Effective reporting capabilities and task automation can also enhance productivity, while mobile accessibility allows legal professionals to manage their tasks on the go.

PracticeEvolve’s software features address all these requirements, giving legal practices the upper hand in their industry. 

Case management software is crucial for legal practices as it centralises and organises all case-related information. By automating tasks, scheduling and document management, case management software enhances efficiency and ensures deadlines are met. 

The software’s reporting tools provide valuable insights, aiding informed decision-making. The solutions also enhance client service by enabling quick access to case details, leading to better responsiveness and client satisfaction.

Case management software is primarily utilised by legal professionals, including lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff, within law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies. 

These professionals rely on the software to streamline workflows, manage cases efficiently, handle documents, schedule tasks and ensure effective communication. It is an essential tool that enhances collaboration and productivity among team members involved in legal matters.

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