Features and Benefits


Email, Document and Scan Management

At PracticeEvolve we understand the heart of your business is your documents. Along with the expected industry standard document management features, we cater for modern legal practices in areas of email filing and retrieval, document versioning, scanning and full body text searching.

Paperless Briefs

The days of preparing a brief by photocopying the physical file, manually paginating each page and preparing a table of contents are over. Our brief solution automates this entire laborious task in seconds with the simplicity of drag-and-drop resulting in a single document ready for printing, email or sharing via our Client Portal.

Document Automation

Reduce the risk, cost and monotony of creating your most commonly used letters and forms. By simply converting them into intelligent automated templates, to be seamlessly combined with matter details, you can produce an accurate professional document every time.


Business Process Management is the key to unlocking true efficiency and performance without your firm. Our workflow solution allows you to graphically design your business processes, from managing certain aspects of a matter, to ensuring a timely response for new business enquiries.


Designed to keep your finger on the pulse of your practice, our business analytics tools provide visual insight into key areas of your business. From individual and group performance, profitability and other KPIs, with the ability for each employee to personalise their dashboard.

Time and Value Billing

From traditional time entry, allowing for easy input and tracking of billable hours against performance targets, to the latest innovations in value based billing. PracticeEvolve provides a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of your firm, while at the same time ensuring compliance with client cost agreements.

Accounting Reports

At its foundation PracticeEvolve provides understandable, reliable and relevant reporting, based on standard office accounting practices, and is compliant with all law society trust regulations. In addition our Cube reports place the full power of our accounting solution at your fingertips, allowing you to customise and create custom financial reports.


Streamline billing and collection cycles, from drafting of invoices directly within PracticeEvolve, ensuring adjustments are correctly recorded, to debt collection workflows to manage debtors. Our comprehensive solution provides a feature rich environment for you to ensure the profitability of your firm.

Cloud Portal

Provide you, your clients and partners with an extra level of service. Our Web Portal allows online access to matter information and documents through any mobile device or web browser. Submitting time entries and direct messaging are just some of the benefits the Cloud can bring to your firm.

What is the Cloud?

A lot of mystery surrounds the Cloud; the latest buzzword for what is really a simple concept. Essentially the Cloud is a service you access over the internet, rather than directly from a server running in your office. The Cloud has been around for decades, but only recently has the concept gathered momentum due to increased internet speeds and reliability, coupled with the ever increasing security threat from viruses making it impractical for small businesses to stay protected.

How does PracticeEvolve work on the Cloud?

PracticeEvolve has been designed to facilitate running either in-house or on the Cloud. We’ve worked with all the major host providers, and are experts in advising and configuring your Cloud environment. By working in this way we ensure you always have independent access to your data for backups, and the decision of where that information is stored.

Why should we use the Cloud?

As with all things in life, there are pros and cons to the Cloud. Accessing a service over the internet requires a strong reliable connection, which is not currently available to all businesses. However, once that milestone is overcome, Cloud allows you to be truly location independent while future proofing your business, ensuring you’ll never have to consider expensive server upgrades again.