Family Law Management Software

Family law teams are supported by PracticeEvolve’s Digital Matter File toolset, enabling them to keep data in one place, manage key dates and automate document production. This puts your focus firmly back on your clients, meaning you can support them in this challenging time in their lives.

Work more efficiently with technology that won’t let you down.

  • Workflow for automation of tasks for each phase of a matter
  • Automated documents for generating court forms and other standard documents populated with data directly from the client and matter fields
  • Briefs and bundles for quick and easy compilation of documents for provision to counsel and other parties
  • Comprehensive conflict searching via the directory from data stored in client and matter parties on the matter card
  • Integration with Infotrack services

Improve Office Efficiencies With Family Law Management Solution

Improve overall efficiencies at your law office with our powerful family management software. We’ve combined innovation, technology, automation and usability to develop our high-powered PracticeEvolve platform, which is uniquely designed to streamline the family law office management process and grow your practice.

Boost Workplace Productivity With Integrated Solutions

Our innovative family law management software enables your law office to store all crucial data in one convenient location. Seamless integration with leading platforms such as InfoTrack improves overall usability. This level of API integration allows your office to track key court and filing dates, instantly identify conflicts of interest and have real-time client information right at your fingertips.

Reduce Errors and Omissions With Practice Evolve Software

Our family law management system handles comprehensive automation tasks for all stages of the legal process. From auto-filling legal forms to the instant compilation of vital documents, our management software can instantly improve the workflow of your office processes. Not only does automation help save time and money, but it can reduce errors and omissions on important legal documents and filings. This, in turn, can mean the difference between a smooth court process and a difficult one.

Work Remotely With Family Management Software

There is no better time than now to ensure your team has the tools and capabilities to work remotely when necessary. Our three tiered infrastructure provides that service. All approved staff members can have real-time access to our secure family legal software platform from anywhere, at any time. Remote access can improve communication and collaboration between all team members.

Enhance Client Relations With Family Legal Software

Our easy-to-use family law management solution gives your team the ability to provide clients with real-time information, even when working from home. Additionally, it offers a secure client portal that provides 24/7 access to their data. This portal can also serve as a communication and collaboration tool between clients and their legal team.

When looking for family law management software, you want to do your due diligence to ensure you find a solution that meets the needs of your law office and fits your budget. Request a demo today and discover how Practice Evolve’s family management software can benefit your law practice.

A game-changer for the modern law firm.

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