As I write this article at home, it’s just above freezing outside, making it quite uncomfortable to try to concentrate on writing at my desk on the top floor. You see, I much prefer being warmer and I think a home should always be warm. So, I’ve just turned the heating on simply by asking Alexa to set the temperature. In years gone by, to do so would have meant heading down towards the thermostat to turn it up. For many, you may remember the need to firstly turn it on near the boiler and then turn the thermostat up. That would have resulted in using the opportunity to make a cup of tea and maybe just wipe down the worktop before slowly heading back upstairs.

As humans, we can be easily distracted, even if we have the best intentions. However, the fact I can ask for the heating to be turned on means I don’t lose my train of thought. I don’t have to leave my desk. I’ve suddenly become more efficient. I can rely on the technology to perform the function while I carry on writing. Nowadays, I probably take for granted the little savings in time the tech I have affords me.

Of course, this is only one small example of how technology offers time and efficiency savings. Although we grow and adapt with new inventions, it is important to remember that technology is built and evolves over time. With this in mind then, ultimately, the same has to be true of the technology we use in the workplace as well.

It’s why we are focused on building software to increase productivity within law firms. Just like my heating, we connect software together to ensure everything communicates, significantly reducing the amount of administration required, including rekeying data. By avoiding the rekeying of data, not only is time saved but human error is reduced.

However, firms need more than just clever technology to really achieve greater productivity. Firms need to understand the system they are using including new features and functions. PracticeEvolve’s range of products are extraordinarily rich in features and users cannot be expected to know how to maximise the potential without being given necessary guidance and help. It’s why we’ve introduced EvolveCommunity featuring EvolveLearning. With access to detailed but short videos demonstrating ‘how to’ guides, users are able to discover new methods of conducting tasks without the firm having to constantly invest in training.

Our approach continues to be one that provides a heightened level of service to clients and providing users with the tools to be productive and efficient within their working day. We refer to our approach as ‘Software with a Service’ because, as our 2022 research demonstrates, firms need Cloud technology that is better connected, while also requiring users to be fully competent.

Well, now I’ve written this piece, I think I’ll make a cup of tea and stand by the radiator!