Our upcoming EvolveGo release is set to roll out on Wednesday, 20 March 2024. This release introduces significant enhancements, including UI improvements and a key change allowing fee earners access to their own performance reports.

Fee Earner, performer reports and UI update details can be found below and full release notes can be found by clicking here.

To ensure we provide the best support possible, we’ve created a brief video to help you grasp how these changes impact you. Additionally, a user guide is available documenting these reporting changes.

Here’s what’s in the latest release:

Fee Earner Performance Reports:

Fee earners can now access their own performance reports, allowing them to see how they track against targets. In addition, a new Team Lead permission has been implemented to allow team leaders to see this same performance data for all fee earners within their team. This requires users to be allocated to the relevant Teams within EvolveGo. In addition, fee earners now also have access to Aged Billing and Debtor reports, but crucially limited to only seeing those matters that they already have access to.
To ensure users are given the appropriate reporting access, we strongly recommend watching the video and consulting the user guide for detailed instructions.

UI Enhancements:

We are constantly improving the usability of our software and as such have made a few changes to the user interface. The key changes include:

  1. Refined Look and feel – colour schemes and transaction grids have been updated throughout the system to provide more definition and improve the overall appearance of the user interface.
  2. Home Screen – a new home screen has been introduced defaulting to the user’s preferred dashboard. Dashboard controls have been consolidated into a single menu to improve usability.
  3. Keyword search – accessible from Matters and Work Item lists, this functionality quickly allows the user to search these lists for very specific information.

Please note, as part of this update, you’ll notice a slight change in the way some of the screens, input fields and typography look throughout the browser side of the system. These visual enhancements have been designed to provide a more intuitive and modern user experience.

We are very excited about these updates and the significant benefits they will bring to your firm. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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