Our latest release, live on 23 May 2024 includes continued enhancements to the user interface while also incorporating additional functionality which has been designed to provide firms with an improved experience. A full set of release notes are available to view and following are some highlights featured within the latest release:

KPI Widget

Improvements have been made to the KPI Widget allowing configuration for fee earner, team, or firm level (subject to user permissions). KPIs can now also be reviewed for previous months, providing a quick snapshot without the need to consult retrospective reports. In addition, the KPI Widget can now be configured to specify a tolerance level of fees billed/collected targets. The target indicator in the widget will display as red, amber, or green, highlighting when actual values are below target, within tolerance or meeting target. Finally, drill down capability has been introduced into the fees billed/collected values, itemised down to bill level, allowing review of fee earners and team performance with a single click.

*Please note, the current Team configuration option is no longer supported. Any dashboards currently configured to a team will be resaved, as either ‘My Team’ or ‘All Teams’ in the new configuration options.

Custom Grid Views

Introducing the ability to create and customise grid views in areas such as Directory, Matters, Disbursements and more. This feature allows individual users to specify the columns and filters they want to use, set a preferred grid view, and order those custom grid views as they see fit.

Invoice Approval

We’ve improved our “Approve All Invoices” role to give users more autonomy when approving invoices. Approval can now be made directly from the invoice itself without relying on approval notifications. We’ve also improved the visibility of who approved the invoice after the fact.