Our latest release, live on 24 April 2024 includes continued enhancements to the user interface while also incorporating additional functionality which has been designed to provide firms with an improved experience. A full set of release notes are available to view and following are some highlights featured within the latest release:

Transfer Incurred Disbursement

We’ve added the ability to move unbilled incurred disbursements from one matter to another, reducing the administrative burden of cancelling and re-entering a disbursement. *N.B. This functionality relates to incurred disbursements only, anticipated disbursements and cost recoveries cannot be transferred.

Directory Improvements

We’re rolling out the first iteration of enhancements to the directory screen to enhance the user experience. In this release you will notice the addition of a keyword search, an Involvements column highlighting the type of entity in a chip and what the entity is currently involved in (for example 3 Matters) and peak views detailing high level contextual information.

Simplified Transaction 2.0 Forms


We’ve made significant UI improvements to Transaction forms (Purchases, Payments and Receipts) across EvolveGo, which you will notice over the coming releases. These changes have been made to simplify your experience when completing the forms in by providing a logical sequence, providing more space, highlighting only the relevant information, and removing duplication of entry.

Enhanced Year End Closing Processes

We’ve made significant improvements to the way EvolveGo automates your year-end processes by automatically clearing down the P&L, zeroing out the opening balances at the start of the financial year and have the running balances reset to zero for the Expense and Revenue accounts. We strongly recommend you read this user guide explaining the full process.

Added Functionality To Finalised Invoice Notification

Enhanced flexibility for finalised invoice notifications, providing options for notifications to be sent to the matter supervisor, person responsible/ matter fee earner and the person assisting. Additionally, a new CC email address field has been added to matter records to specify a second email address to be copied in when the client is emailed their bill. Additionally, when “Client – Invoice issued notification” preferences are turned on, an invoice email can be added to matter records as a ‘cc’. It means this address will always be copied when a client is emailed their bill without the user having to type it every time.