In the last 10 years technology as a whole has accelerated at a rapid pace, meaning the user ultimately has more control of what they want to achieve and more means in doing so. Likewise, legal technology has advanced enormously in this time, and law firms now have a wide variety of choice when it comes to their legal practice management software.

It may be surprising to hear then, that only 50% of employees are satisfied with the resources that they have at their disposal to learn how to use new technology. In fact, as software advances, it is the case that a large number of businesses have software that may seem too powerful for their needs. As 46% of employees say they feel overwhelmed by technology at work, the responsibility now lies with software providers to offer a better service alongside their product.

A recent article in LPM explored existing employee knowledge and how important it is within businesses, however, I would go further to say that it should also be the responsibility of the software provider to offer ongoing support for products they provide.

Software these days is not as easy as choosing an off-the-shelf solution, and subsequently requires time to set up and learn, meaning that a high level of supplier system knowledge is crucial. Focussing from start to finish, it is no longer good enough to provide a solution alone. From implementation to training and ongoing support, providers should take more responsibility throughout the relationship.

This is why PracticeEvolve have introduced EvolveCommunity, a new e-learning website which allows users to enhance their competency, at a pace that suits their business needs. This paired with dedicated Client Success Consultants and ongoing training webinars, are just a few examples of how PracticeEvolve demonstrate their focus on service as well as the software, enabling them to support law firms through every step of their journey.

PracticeEvolve understands the need for software with a service. The importance of offering the highest level of customer service, alongside a feature-rich, customisable software solutions enables them to be leaders in the legal market.

If you are looking to get more from your software, talk to one of the team today and request a free, no obligation demo.