Change is a topic that lawyers have historically struggled to embrace much to the frustration of law firm leaders and owners. Isn’t it time that we started to look at the barriers to change and find new ways to approach it?

We’ve been hearing for years that law firms are undergoing change. At this time of continued pressure on pricing and demands on delivering innovative services from clients, this problem has become even more acute. It is increasingly important that legal teams are able to adapt to new working methods and to take up technology investments to ensure their firms continue to perform effectively and profitably. One way of achieving this is by helping legal teams build a growth mindset and to embed this into the organisational culture.

The legal mindset has some predominant tendencies which lend themselves naturally to the makeup of excellent lawyers – logical, judgemental and evaluative. The problem comes when law firm leaders ask this group to take up new initiatives. A high proportion of lawyers, when pressed to change, tend to move to a debating stance and even to avoid it altogether.

Building a growth mindset is not about changing the valuable aspects of one’s legal teams. It is about building a greater awareness of an individual’s innate tendencies so that, when called upon to engage in change, they are better equipped to deal with it.

With this approach, law firms can gently help develop a wider group who have the capacity to more effectively cope with thinking about change and what it might mean to them. This is of critical importance, especially as IT projects and new initiatives are under increasing pressure to return on their investment and to make the desired contributions to the profitability and performance of firms.

Unlock the growth mindset in your law firm

In our upcoming 2 CPD workshop, held on Thursday, 6 February 2020 at QT Gold Coast, Organisational Consultant and Senior Leadership Coach Andrea Foot will take you under the surface of the legal mindset and share some of her research about why it responds to change as it does.

Andrea will introduce what a growth mindset looks like and provide attendees with several practical, immediately actionable tools that can be used to increase the effectiveness of change initiatives within your business. From simply building a deeper appreciation of the natural lawyerly response to change, through to ways of framing meetings and supporting creative discussions, these will support you in your everyday work with lawyers and legal teams.

Participants will also have the opportunity to take a look at how PracticeEvolve, along with its network of integration partners, can enhance the running of a law firm through a fully integrated practice management solution.

For more information on the event, including how to register, visit our events page.


About Andrea Foot
Organisational Consultant & Senior Leadership Coach

Andrea Foot is an experienced leader with an international track record of success in the information technology and professional services industries. Andrea is skilled in Individual & Group Coaching, Business Consultancy, Digital Era Marketing, Business Growth Advice, Technology, and Organisational Strategy.