Given the progressive implementation of legal technology in response to demographical changes, rising competitive pressures and growing client demands, the practice of law is becoming increasingly influenced by an overwhelming amount of data.

Throughout its life cycle, a law firm will naturally accumulate a wealth of dynamic data from a range of different sources. Outside of managing the data, the number one challenge for any business is understanding how to use it.

By the sheer virtue of using a practice management system, law firms should be able to leverage the data that is available to them to accurately evaluate the current health of their business and make informed, insight-based decisions to drive productivity, generate revenue and remain nimble and responsive to the ever-changing market conditions.

This whitepaper outlines:

  • What is a data-driven law firm?
  • Key areas where firms are competing successfully with the aid of data-driven decision making
  • Critical questions law firms should be asking to effectively utilise their data
  • How to get started on becoming a data-driven law firm

This whitepaper is aimed at helping law firms and legal departments to understand how to use data to make informed, insight-based decisions to generate more revenue in an uncertain landscape.

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