The legal industry is renowned for being slow to adopt new technology, particularly those firms who operate with the “not broken, why fix” mindset. Unfortunately, as the legal tech around them advances, firms may incur many hidden costs by holding on to outdated solutions, often foregoing potential productivity gains across the business.

Perhaps the most business-critical legal technology that firms should be investing in and keeping up to date is a practice management system. It is a common misconception that by remaining on old technology (hardware and software) firms will save money, however the risks of doing so can be detrimental to a business, specifically in regard to overall productivity, future scalability and growth, and the clients’ experience.

This whitepaper outlines:

  • How outdated technology can affect productivity and bottom line
  • How outdated technology can affect client’s experience
  • How outdated technology can affect a firm’s potential for growth
  • Practical steps to updating aging technology

This whitepaper is aimed at helping law firms understand how working with outdated technology may be adversely affecting various key areas of their business operations. Download this whitepaper for helpful tips and resources on updating aging technology to realise sustainable business growth.

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