Empowering law firms with cutting-edge Cloud technology.

PracticeEvolve revolutionises the way law firms operate by offering cutting-edge cloud technology that brings a multitude of advantages. Our cloud-based legal practice management system empowers you with the flexibility to work seamlessly from any location, on any device, whether online or offline.

With PracticeEvolve, you can enjoy enhanced collaboration among team members, fostering a more efficient and cohesive work environment. Embrace the freedom to work on-the-go, access crucial information, and effortlessly collaborate with colleagues, all while ensuring that your productivity remains uninterrupted.

Experience the power of PracticeEvolve’s cloud technology and unlock the full potential of your law firm.

Sophisticated software, delivering efficiencies to law firms.

Global Access and Remote Work

Experience the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with PracticeEvolve’s robust mobile app and hybrid cloud-based technology. Whether you’re in the office, on the go, or offline, you can access your data on a PC, tablet, or smartphone, ensuring uninterrupted productivity without constraints. Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues spread across different locations, fostering a truly efficient and cohesive work environment.

Live Data Synchronisation

PracticeEvolve facilitates seamless collaboration among team members with live data synchronisation. Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same matter without delays, boosting productivity and enhancing teamwork. Our automated document creation software saves files instantly in the cloud, enabling remote staff to access critical information from any location, further supporting remote work capabilities.

Cost Effectiveness

Say goodbye to server management worries and significant IT costs. PracticeEvolve handles all the heavy lifting, reducing your IT expenses significantly. Our dedicated team ensures your practice management software remains up to date, with automatic updates, regular backups, and security enhancements. This means your focus stays on delivering exceptional legal services, not managing servers.

Secure Data Storage

Rest assured that your data is safeguarded within the cloud using Microsoft Azure. PracticeEvolve prioritises your data security, leveraging Azure’s robust measures, including regular patching to minimise threats. You retain full ownership and control over your client data, as access to Azure is denied to Microsoft operations and support teams by default. Azure’s compliance with industry standards and certifications provides further assurance, and data residency options allow firms to meet specific regulatory requirements.

Hassle-Free Scalability

As your firm grows, so do your storage needs. PracticeEvolve conducts an audit to understand your storage requirements, ensuring efficient operations. With the flexibility of the Azure platform, future increases in storage can be easily accommodated, allowing your cloud software to scale effortlessly with your changing business needs.

“In today’s remote working world, having a modern, cloud-based solution without physical storage is a significant advantage. Our staff can now access everything offsite using their laptops, whether they’re working from home, courtrooms, or any other location. Unlike our previous system that required a portal and VPN, EvolveGo provides an efficient remote work experience, eliminating the hassle and slowdowns.”

Sherrie Rossiter, Galbally Parker Lawyers

Software with a Service

Software with a Service

As a law firm, you’ll require Cloud solutions with integrated capabilities that prioritise the client experience. Our approach goes beyond merely offering software; we provide a comprehensive level of service tailored to align perfectly with your firm’s specific needs and objectives.


Will your software integrate with other applications we use?2023-03-28T11:23:29+01:00

Yes. The PracticeEvolve platform offers advanced integration options, via our open API suite, which is provided free of charge. This API provides programmatic access to our cloud applications: you may request integration for specific solutions you have in mind or you are welcome to build your own if you prefer.

What kind of support do you offer?2023-03-28T11:22:59+01:00

We provide a customer success consultant to all of our clients whom you can contact at any time. Whether you need specific technical assistance during the implementation phase or general guidance on how to use our law software to achieve efficiency improvements in all areas of your practice, we will be here to support you.

How can I be sure your Cloud solutions will be suitable for our practice?2023-03-28T11:21:48+01:00

PracticeEvolve has a great deal of experience in helping Australian law firms to migrate to the cloud. Our legal case management software is highly customisable, which means it can be configured to meet your specific working practices with ease. If you are still not convinced it is the right solution for your firm, please do not hesitate to request a full demo of our software.

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Offering a fully integrated system that comes with all of your fundamental integrations already embedded in the software.