The Hidden Costs of Using Outdated Software

The legal industry is renowned for being slow to adopt new technology, particularly those firms who operate with the “not broken, why fix” mindset. Unfortunately, as the legal tech around them advances, firms may incur many hidden costs by holding on to outdated solutions, often foregoing potential productivity gains across the business. Perhaps the most [...]

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Why Data-Driven Law Firms Generate More Revenue

Given the progressive implementation of legal technology in response to demographical changes, rising competitive pressures and growing client demands, the practice of law is becoming increasingly influenced by an overwhelming amount of data. Throughout its life cycle, a law firm will naturally accumulate a wealth of dynamic data from a range of different sources. Outside [...]

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The Four Pillars of Effective Legal Accounting

The legal accounting function is the backbone of understanding the financial activities and health of a law firm. The accounting requirements used to understand the financials of a law firm are unique and take into consideration activities such as expense tracking, time billing, client costs, retainers, tax compliance and trust reconciliation. Inadequate legal accounting practices [...]

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APIs For Law Firms: Improving Business Through Automation and Innovation

In a hypercompetitive marketplace law firms are under increasing financial pressure to differentiate their services against alternative legal service providers. Today, most legal professionals understand that automation and process optimisation are essential to managing an efficient legal practice in an increasingly data-driven environment. Thus, the legal industry is increasingly seeing the value of investing in [...]

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Legal Practice Management Software Due Diligence Checklist

Embarking on a search for a new legal practice management software system can be a complicated undertaking, particularly for larger firms. There are a number of key aspects law firms should consider to ensure that they invest in the right legal technology. Ultimately, the software must fit their specific business needs, boost the firm’s performance [...]

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