Data Migration Specialist – UK

About PracticeEvolve PracticeEvolve see the path to perfection as a constantly evolving journey. It’s why we are constantly progressing the practice management software provided to law firms. Incorporating feature rich functionality across document automation, workflow management to financial tracking and reporting, we service firms across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK, offering a clear pathway [...]

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Professional Services Consultant (Legal Accounts)

The Role This role will focus specifically on the finance and accounts side of our system, delivering training and consultation in these areas to finance departments or accounts support staff within Law firms. The Professional Services Consultant provides consultation and training for staff at all levels within a legal practice, including Partners, Solicitors, Finance departments, support [...]

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Data Migration Specialist (Associate)

About Practice Evolve We are a dedicated team of industry experts, who have more than 20 years of­ expertise in the areas of law, accounting, and software programming. We are an equal opportunity employer and committed to excellence through diversity. The difference at PracticeEvolve is that we listen and care about the client that we work [...]

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