Top 6 Police Check Questions Your Clients Will Ask

Has your client signed up as a volunteer for an organisation that works with children? Or applied for a new role and is going through a recruitment process which includes a police check? There are many scenarios where your client may be required to consent to a police check. Being asked to perform a police check [...]

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8 Legal & Tech Experts Share Tips for Selecting & Implementing New Technology

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on work practices across every industry, and law is no exception. The pandemic has turbocharged technology adoption across the sector, as law firms and corporate legal departments shift to enabling flexible remote working and exploring virtual ways of delivering services. The changes brought on by the pandemic present opportunities for [...]

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A Future of Opportunities

The events of 2020 have significantly changed the behaviours of consumers and law firms. In reality these behaviours have been visibly shifting for many years. The pandemic has simply accelerated behaviours with developments we would expect to happen over a decade, instead taking just weeks. Importantly, this is resulting in a changing mindset amongst law firms [...]

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Avoid These 5 Common Software Selection Mistakes

Choosing the right legal technology for your law firm is critical to its success. Legal tech partners can aid firms in embracing the fast pace of change in technology and meeting business goals. However, certain common mistakes arise when firms are seeking out and then managing relationships with those third-party vendors that should be avoided. Being [...]

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Three Factors To Consider Before Selecting a New Technology Vendor

Almost every industry has leveraged technology to streamline its operations. The rapid expansion and adoption of legal software highlights the value law firms get out of such technology. The question many firms face today is not whether you need to buy law firm management software, but which one suits the needs of your business? There are [...]

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Why Law Firms Need to Strengthen the Client Relationship During an Economic Downturn

Although Australia and New Zealand have been relatively successful in containing COVID-19 compared with other regions, the worsening outbreak during 2020 has had a significant and growing influence on domestic and international economic activity. According to an IBISWorld COVID-19 Special Report, “COVID-19 has negatively affected the Australian and New Zealand economies by disrupting consumer demand and [...]

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Hanging Out The Washing

I was inspired to write this after my wife complained to me on Friday suggesting she feels “redundant” around the home. Granted, it isn’t the usual complaint that I’m rarely at home but instead suggesting the household chores such as laundry are no longer backing up. Whilst I feel lockdown was an endless cycle of loading [...]

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The Future of Australia’s Legal Sector Following the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Along with many other industries around the world, the Australian Legal Services sector has undergone significant changes in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. According to IBSWorld Market Research Report, the Australian Legal Services Industry revenue is expected to decline. However, demand for legal services has been resilient compared with many other industries, with core [...]

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How Can Integration Of Technologies Boost Your Firm’s Productivity and Innovation?

APIs for law firms: collect, connect and surface valuable data. Today, most legal professionals understand that automation and process optimisation are essential to managing an efficient legal practice in an increasingly data-driven environment. Thus, the legal industry is increasingly seeing the value of investing in accessible technologies that offer higher-value through data-driven analytics and insights and [...]

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Is Outdated Technology Costing Your Firm?

The legal industry is renowned for being slow to adopt new technology, particularly those firms that operate with the “not broken, why fix” mindset. Unfortunately, as the legal tech around them advances, firms often incur many hidden costs by holding on to outdated solutions. Faced with competing financial demands, astute business leaders always look for ways [...]

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