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“With the new system in place, we can confidently manage all legal matters and maintain accurate accounting transactions. This fosters greater client confidence in our firm, our people, and, most importantly, the high-quality work we deliver.”

Rodney Wariahu Kingmele, Partner at Sol-Law Lawyers

Key Insights

  • Sol-Law, a leading law firm in the Solomon Islands, sought a new legal practice management system after their previous provider withdrew support.

  • They chose PracticeEvolve for its efficiency-boosting functionalities, positive attitude, and personalised training.

  • The smooth implementation and in-depth training ensured a seamless transition for Sol-Law’s staff.

  • PracticeEvolve’s understanding of their specific needs and ongoing support contributed to the firm’s success.

  • The partnership with PracticeEvolve positions Sol-Law for a promising future as a premier law firm in the region.

Efficient Solutions, Positive Attitude: Sol-Law Lawyer’s Success with PracticeEvolve

Sol-Law Lawyers is a leading law firm in the Solomon Islands, boasting an impressive 120 years of legal experience across diverse fields, including commercial litigation, foreign and local investment. With a team of 10 professionals, it stands as one of the largest law firms in the region. What sets Sol-Law apart is the unique combination of expertise from both indigenous Solomon Islands lawyers and expat lawyers from Australia, enabling them to provide prompt and professional services covering various commercial legal aspects, such as local and international corporate issues, taxation, resource law, banking and finance, litigation, and international investor needs.

When their previous legal practice management system provider decided to withdraw support, Sol-Law embarked on a search for a new and reliable solution. Before making the transition, they ensured that the new system would function effectively on an on-premises server, mitigating the impact of poor internet speed on their productivity. Cost-effectiveness and guaranteed ongoing support with a proactive ‘can-do’ approach were also key factors in their decision-making process.

After extensive research, the Partners unanimously selected PracticeEvolve as the ideal partner to maintain Sol-Law’s status as the premier law firm in the Solomon Islands. Rodney Kingmele, Barrister and Solicitor, and Senior Partner at Sol-Law, expressed their vision to uphold the firm’s prominence within the commercial community by meeting its specific needs, and PracticeEvolve was the perfect match to support this endeavour.

“With the new system in place, we can confidently manage all legal matters and maintain accurate accounting transactions. This fosters greater client confidence in our firm, our people, and, most importantly, the high-quality work we deliver.”

Efficiency-boosting Functionalities and a ‘Can-Do’ Attitude

When it comes to legal practice management systems, many share basic features, but the key lies in finding the one that best suits your firm’s specific needs.

Sol-Law, having learned from past experiences, conducted thorough research on the PracticeEvolve offering. They were pleased with its practical and efficiency-boosting functionalities, eagerly anticipating a partnership with a provider that embraced innovation and had a positive attitude towards their clients.

“PracticeEvolve have a more ‘can do’ attitude than our previous provider. They are willing to work with us to find ways around our specific issues rather than insist that we adapt to the system’s requirements.”

Following the implementation process, PracticeEvolve provided personalised and detailed training, empowering Sol-Law’s staff with the skills and confidence to utilise the system to its full potential.The firm was particularly impressed with the intuitive drag-and-drop workflow functionality, streamlining routine tasks and serving as a valuable knowledge-sharing tool within the business.

With the new system in place, Mr. Kingmele eagerly anticipates witnessing its impact. “We’re excited to have a more streamlined client intake process. Having all information relating to clients and matters stored in one place, means that we can now perform time-intensive administrative tasks such as conflict check in less time. With all important information centralised, the interaction between responsible persons and acting persons in handling matters will be significantly improved. It is a much smarter, more efficient, error-free way of working.”

Smooth Implementation and In-depth Training

Implementing new technology in a law firm can be a disruptive process, but its success depends on how effectively it is integrated into current business processes. For Sol-Law, a smooth transition was crucial to fully utilise the potential of their new system. With the dedicated support of two on-site Project Managers, the firm experienced a seamless implementation process and received comprehensive training to ensure their staff was well-prepared for the change.

Mr. Kingmele praised the responsiveness of PracticeEvolve’s project managers, trainers, and support staff during the transition. Regular meetings helped keep the project on track, despite the firm’s busy schedule. The level of involvement and attention to detail during the implementation stood in stark contrast to their previous experiences with other systems.

“Our general feeling was that we were dealing, not with a ‘system’ or a firm providing a system, but with people who were committed to making this partnership a success. We look forward to a fruitful relationship with PracticeEvovle for many more years to come.”

Maximising Returns through Understanding and Support

Tech Prowess is Not Enough

The case of Sol-Law highlights a significant shift in the legal industry’s approach to adopting new technology. It’s no longer merely about the tech’s capabilities; what truly makes a difference is a provider’s commitment to understanding and addressing their clients’ specific needs. PracticeEvolve’s willingness to invest time and effort in comprehending Sol-Law’s requirements played a vital role in their successful partnership.

Guaranteed Ongoing Support

The legal landscape is dynamic, and client demands continue to evolve. For law firms to thrive, guaranteed ongoing support is essential. Open communication channels and proactive assistance ensure that any issues that arise are promptly addressed, minimising disruptions and maximising productivity. This commitment to continuous support is crucial for Sol-Law to stay ahead in serving their clients effectively.

A Promising Path Ahead

Sol-Law’s pursuit of excellence through innovative technology and dedicated support has set them on a promising path for the future. As they continue to thrive in their region, their long-term partnership with PracticeEvolve will play a pivotal role in maintaining their status as a premier law firm in the Solomon Islands. With PracticeEvolve’s understanding, support, and collaboration, Sol-Law is well-equipped to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, ensuring lasting success for many more years to come.

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