Establishing a modern law firm

Palios Meegan Nicholson (PMN Lawyers) is an Adelaide law firm with expertise and proven track record in winning compensation and damages for people injured at work, in public places, as a result of motor vehicle accidents and through medical negligence.

Their previous practice management system was dated and not well integrated with document and digital communication management. The firm felt they could not adapt to the modern methods of legal firm file management, communication, document production and delivery with the system they had used since 1999.

PMN Lawyer’s set an objective to acquire a reliable on-premises system that would enable the firm to have comprehensive, fully digital matter files.

After initially discounting other systems for various reasons, we were very impressed with our initial demonstration and consultation with PracticeEvolve. All of our base criteria were met, and the ease of use and intuitive interface made the choice easy,” stated Domenic Scambiatterra, IT Manager at PMN Lawyers.

Download the full case study for an overview of how PMN Lawyers pinpointed a solution, their rollout and onboarding process, and the firm-wide benefits experienced by the staff as a result of automating structured business processes.

PracticeEvovle - Legal Practice Management Software - Case Study - PMN Lawyers

“The deciding factor contributing to our choice of PracticeEvolve was the overall integration of all aspects of running a modern law firm in a single system. We were particularly impressed with the ease of document production and storage, and efficiency of e-mail communications management available within the system.”

Domenic Scambiatterra, IT Manager, PMN Lawyers