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“The support provided by PracticeEvolve has been excellent. The transition from migration to standard support services has been seamless, while raising tickets for urgent attention has been quick and efficient. We are impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the support team.”

Chalitha Medagoda, Enyo Lawyers

Key Insights

  • Enyo Lawyers sought a new practice management system due to the limitations of their existing one and poor support from the previous provider.

  • Chalitha Medagoda, the firm’s Operations Manager, led the search for a solution and chose PracticeEvolve for its features and deployment plan.

  • The implementation process with PracticeEvolve was exceptional, with seamless data migration, efficient communication, and outstanding customer support.

  • PracticeEvolve’s solution resulted in time savings on administrative tasks, improved reporting capabilities, and enhanced workflow for Enyo Lawyers.

  • Enyo Lawyers and PracticeEvolve have formed a strong partnership, leading to operational improvements and a commitment to future growth.

Success Story: How Enyo Lawyers Overcame Implementation Fears and Found Success with PracticeEvolve

Enyo Lawyers, a boutique law firm, with offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Melbourne, takes pride in delivering efficient outcomes for clients in a range of legal areas including litigation, insolvency, commercial, and property law. The firm fosters a culture of learning and development, providing junior staff from universities with opportunities to gain experience in various aspects of law. In addition, the firm is actively involved in community projects and offers support to disadvantaged clients.

As a growing operation, the firm recognised the need to replace their practice management system which consisted of multiple integrated solutions, due to its inability to meet their document management needs. Dissatisfied with poor support from the previous provider, including contradicting responses and unresolved issues, Enyo Lawyers sought a more reliable solution.
The firm’s Operations Manager, Chalitha Medagoda, spearheaded the search for a solution that was adaptable, user-friendly and offered reliable customer service.

In parallel, he placed great importance on selecting a supplier with a proven track record of experience and expertise in implementation. After evaluating several options, PracticeEvolve was chosen due to its highly configurable features, advanced reporting capabilities, and detailed deployment plan.
At the start of the project, Chalitha highlighted to PracticeEvolve his concerns about the time and human resources required for the initial training and implementation, the stress this process can bring to the team, and the quality of support services offered post go-live. He stressed the need for a clearly defined plan to implement the new system, including data migration, training, and support. Despite these initial concerns, Chalitha’s experience with the implementation process from start to finish was exceptional.

When asked about his experience, Chalitha provided valuable insights that will benefit anyone considering implementing PracticeEvolve.

Seamless Transition and Outstanding Customer Service: Enyo Lawyers’ Ongoing Satisfaction with PracticeEvolve

What were your first impressions after the kick-off call with PracticeEvolve for your project?

I was initially somewhat concerned about the level of time needed for implementation and training, but I certainly understood that if we did not invest time, we would not be able to have a successful go live. It is important for potential clients to understand the importance of dedicating time to the implementation project. Without the willingness and ability to invest time with PracticeEvolve, it is challenging to fully comprehend the software’s potential and how to use it efficiently.

Having worked with project managers in various countries, I can confidently say that Liz(Elizabeth Belperio) is the best. Her dedication was critical to the success of our project, and from the moment I finished the implementation meeting, I knew we were in good hands.

Data migration can be a complicated process. Can you tell us about how PracticeEvolve managed your data migration during the implementation?

As data migration was one of my major concerns, I made sure I had an active involvement in the process. It was vital that all our data was migrated accurately, and any discrepancies could be identified easily and resolved quickly. PracticeEvolve provided us with multiple trial migrations and collaborated closely with us to reduce the error margin to single digits.

I was genuinely impressed with the accuracy and efficiency of the entire process. The PracticeEvolve team were willing to work closely with us to ensure our concerns were addressed and our expectations were met. The level of dedication and commitment shown by PracticeEvolve to delivering a high-quality product and service is greatly appreciated.

Communication is key during any implementation process. How would you evaluate the level of communication between your team and PracticeEvolve during the implementation?

The communication between PracticeEvolve and our team during implementation was exceptional. It was efficient, professional, and always on time with clear and unambiguous information relayed to us. The team regularly went above and beyond to resolve any issues that arose and ensure our satisfaction as clients. From the early stages of the implementation process, I was confident that we were in good hands and PracticeEvolve was invested in our long-term success and happiness.

Could you share your experience with the support provided by PracticeEvolve during the implementation stage?

The support provided by PracticeEvolve has been excellent. The transition from migration to standard support services has been seamless, while raising tickets for urgent attention has been quick and efficient. We are impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the support team, and our tickets are often resolved within hours.

Timelines are an important consideration for many firms during implementation. How did the implementation timelines for PracticeEvolve meet your expectations?

The implementation timelines were reasonable and efficient which really helped set and meet our expectations. I know from experience, pushing a project to be completed within unrealistic timeframes may result in a poor outcome so it is key to work in partnership and to understand the process. It is important to dedicate enough time to ensure the product is implemented properly. As the project was well managed with clear communication throughout, we did not lose any time during the process.

It has been some time since the implementation. How has the ongoing support from PracticeEvolve been?

I am pleased to say that PracticeEvolve has exceeded our expectations in terms of customer service and product quality. The team at PracticeEvolve is brilliant and has always been quick to resolve any issues we have had. I have never doubted my decision to switch from our previous management software as your services have gone over and above what we experienced before. Any issues we encounter are resolved quickly and the knowledge and professionalism of your team have been impressive compared to our previous system. With PracticeEvolve, everything is seamless, and everyone is knowledgeable. I am truly delighted with our decision to switch to your product as it is an excellent overall solution.

Changing systems can be a daunting prospect. Have your initial concerns or fears about changing systems been alleviated by your experience with PracticeEvolve?

Regarding my initial concerns about switching to a new system, I can confidently say that PracticeEvolve has eliminated any reservations I had. From the start, the implementation process was smooth, and the project team was extremely competent. Since then, your customer service has been brilliant. Any concerns I had about the switch were professionally managed.

Based on your experience with the implementation process, would you recommend PracticeEvolve to other firms?

I cannot recommend PracticeEvolve enough. From the warm welcome we received during onboarding to the efficient resolution of any issues that arose, we have been thoroughly impressed. I am grateful for the positive interactions we have had with the team and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. We know most of your team and it feels like being part of a family. I would encourage other firms to invest time in providing PracticeEvolve with proper information in a timely manner to ensure a seamless transition. Thank you for the exceptional service.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to firms considering switching systems?

Realistically, there is no single product that will solve all your issues. It comes down to the level of support you receive and how easily you can navigate the software. Selecting the practice management system for firms should be a process of collecting the requirements from around the business, identifying the current challenges and working with a business like PracticeEvolve who have proven experience.

Navigating the Future Together: Enyo Lawyers and PracticeEvolve Forge a Strong Partnership for Sustainable Growth and Excellence

Enyo Lawyers and PracticeEvolve have forged a solid partnership, resulting in improvements in operational efficiency and the successful resolution of various challenges. By consolidating documents and time recording into a user-friendly platform, Enyo Lawyers has experienced time savings on administrative tasks, allowing their legal staff to focus on core responsibilities.

The reporting function has provided invaluable insights, enabling informed decision-making from a management perspective. As PracticeEvolve’s solution continues to deliver enhanced efficiency and productivity, the firm plans to further customise management reports, promising even greater benefits along those of improved tracking of fee earners’ performance, profitability from different areas of law and enhanced visibility of disbursements and creditors.

PracticeEvolve’s seamless enhancement of workflow has garnered praise, attributed to the promptness and reliability of their service agents. This collaborative partnership has fostered a strong working relationship between Enyo Lawyers and PracticeEvolve, establishing a solid foundation for future success.

Looking ahead, Enyo Lawyers remains steadfast in their commitment to healthy growth and ensuring the satisfaction and proficiency of their staff. PracticeEvolve’s user-friendly and capable solution plays a pivotal role in achieving these objectives. The firm expresses delight in their partnership with PracticeEvolve and anticipates the continued success that they will achieve together. This partnership marks the beginning of a prosperous future as Enyo Lawyers strive for excellence in their industry.

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