Innovative firm seeks flexible technology platform

&Legal is an innovative law firm that has evolved from the firm’s origins in the 1970’s. Specialising in property and litigation services, their expertise and commitment to their clients has won them awards including NAB 2018 Professional Services Award for Wills & Estates work.

Their previous system provided limited access to the data that it contained and couldn’t be configured to meet their specific working methods. &Legal made the decision to revolutionise their operations by looking for a new solution that would fit more closely with their changing needs.

Unrestricted access to data

Key to &Legal’s decision was a solution that had the capability to support their efficient work practices and give the firm full access to their data.

Having spent considerable time investigating several systems available to them, &Legal realised that not all vendors held the same philosophy of openness of data access as the firm.

Ultimately, PracticeEvolve was the only technology provider offering the flexibility and functionality that the firm sought from their new practice management solution. They liked that the system offered a single platform which combined legal accounting functionality and the suite of practice management tools to support their legal teams.

Download the full case study to find out how &Legal was able to customise and integrate PracticeEvolve into their core business and why having access to RESTful API functionality was important to the firm.

PracticeEvovle - Legal Practice Management Software - Case Study - &Legal

“We spent quite some time looking for a system that offered both, the functionality to automate our business workflows, and the flexibility to manipulate our data as we see fit. Unlike some other providers, PracticeEvolve gives us complete control over our data and the tools necessary to manipulate it.”

Darian Iacono, Solicitor Director, &Legal

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