Q: Like any business, firms and service providers alike need to build a reputation. Is it possible to suggest that it’s now less about what people say about you and more about what you say about yourself?

For any business, building a reputation is fundamental to success. It is not something that can be achieved overnight or bought and relies heavily on consumer opinion. In the last 10 years, as firms have shifted more toward the digital world of marketing and online presence, there has been a certain factor of self-promotion and advocacy.

However, as is often the case, both what people say about your business and what you say about yourself are equally important, yet each outcome relies on the other.

Building a solid reputation for success

I’d like to draw on the Apple example to highlight the importance of building a solid reputation. If, like me, you are able to remember the 1990’s, Apple did not hold the reputation they have today. Aside from their expensive products, they were considered outdated and niche.

Upon the return of Steve Jobs, Apple changed their approach, starting by building better, customer-focused products. Subsequently, they modified their messaging to be more customer-focused and talked about why they do what they do rather than what they do as a whole.

By meticulously focusing on their own message to the market, they successfully built a reputation that had people talking about them. In doing so, they removed the perception of being expensive.

Today, PracticeEvolve is putting this concept into practice. We understand that a higher level of service is required for law firms using our software. To become a globally respected legal technology provider, and continually exceed client expectations, we pride ourselves on being reputable, reliable, and responsible.

Legal management software solutions for your business

We know that when it comes to choosing a software provider for your legal firm, there’s little room for compromise. Choosing a provider with an established reputation for delivering the highest quality technological solutions and superior levels of support, advice, and guidance is key.

PracticeEvolve comprises a team of professional, dedicated industry experts with years of experience in designing and developing reliable yet innovative legal management software solutions.

Our fully compliant software was designed to support legal professionals with automated technology to streamline laborious and manually intensive tasks.

By incorporating a rich feature set, user-friendly workflow tools and automation, PracticeEvolve increases overall efficiency levels for mid and top-tier law firms — ultimately leading to increased revenue generation.

For us, it has become more about software with a service rather than out-of-the-box solutions. To reflect this, we’ve developed EvolveLearning and EvolveCommunity and introduced multiple Client Success Consultants across the board to help our valued clients evolve their knowledge in practical software solutions.

Drive efficiency with EvolveLearning and EvolveCommunity

When it comes to day-to-day operations, we know how important it is for legal firms to stay abreast of technological advances in software — both to future-proof the firm and effectively establish it as a professional and reputable service provider.

Our EvolveCommunity platforms bridge the gap between software and service through a combination of collaborative online learning tools and content. This ensures our clients enjoy a valuable return on their software investment and ultimately eases the way to increased efficiencies and revenue.

Build your reputation with the help of leading legal services software

To suggest that it’s now less about what people say about you and more about what you say about yourself would be incorrect. However, businesses must outline why they do what they do while ensuring their actions lead to better word of mouth.

The great news is it really doesn’t matter where you start. If you already have great products and services, focus on ensuring you market them effectively so that your clients are also talking positively about you. With the growth in review sites, what people say about your business influences others’ opinions.

It’s really no secret that great software solutions often underpin great products and services. At PracticeEvolve, we’re committed to providing legal firms with innovative cloud technology to streamline operations, drive efficiencies, and increase revenue.

By consolidating cases, documents, accounts and customer relationship management, our solution helps you create an innovative and collaborative workspace to genuinely help drive your business forward and build a reputation as a leading firm. What could be more important in today’s competitive business environment?

See our innovative legal services software in action

Are you ready to supercharge your firm into the future with the help of a progressive legal software solution? At PracticeEvolve, we offer modern law firms a holistic practice management solution designed and built with you, the legal professional, in mind.

With us as your technology partner, you can finally focus your time and energy on what matters most — your clients. Don’t wait a moment longer to seal your reputation as a modern, leading legal services provider. Arrange a free customised demo with PracticeEvolve today!