Document Automation

Reduce the risk, cost and monotony of creating your most commonly used letters and forms. By simply converting them into intelligent automated templates, to be seamlessly combined with matter details, you can produce an accurate professional document every time.

Intuitive Workflows

PracticeEvolve’s innovative workflow toolset puts drag-and-drop design functionality into the hands of your teams – they don’t need programmers or complex IT skills.

Teams can manage workloads more efficiently, team members learn your ‘way’ with less effort and clients feel the benefit in your consistent work practices.

Document Bundling

The days of preparing bundles by photocopying the physical file, manually paginating each page and preparing a table of contents are over. Our bundling solution dramatically improves the time it takes when creating briefs and general matter document portfolios by automating the entire end-to-end process in seconds.

Simply drag-and-drop the documents you want to bundle, and within minutes produce a single document ready for printing, email or sharing via our Client Portal.

Helping lawyers do their best work.

A game-changer for the modern law firm.

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