Management & Team Dashboards

Designed to keep your finger on the financial pulse of your firm, our business analytics tools provide visual insight into key areas of your business. From individual and group performance, profitability and other KPIs, each staff member can personalise their own dashboard.

Comprehensive and flexible reporting is provided to help you measure your firm’s performance. You have access to a library of out-of-the-box reports, as well as clever user-definable reporting, so you can see your firm’s data your way.

Legal Accounting

The PracticeEvolve platform includes a comprehensive accounting suite, meaning that you can meet all of your office and trust accounting needs in one secure, easy-to-manage system without the need to go through a third party provider.

Streamlined Invoicing

Choose how you generate invoices throughout the entire lifecycle of the matter.

With PracticeEvolve you have the flexibility to generate invoices at the completion of the matter, at pre-defined stages of the matter or via a monthly invoicing run. This will reduce the end-of-month workload for your accounting and administrative staff and ensure that your firm enjoys a healthy cash flow.

Our customisable debtor plans give you the capability to manage your aging debt and significantly improve your firm’s cash flow.

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